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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 24, 2011 10:12 AM Flag


    Hmmn, I loved the CC.

    The fact that the insiders dumped some shares early in the year doesn't sit well with me. Perhaps it was due to other extraneous reasons. So we will have to let that slide.

    The program is clealry trending it to $0.80 to $0.60 range.

    I will assume that many of you have stop loss orders in; which basically expose your "poker hand" and level of tolerance. BAD MOVE but for some reason you investors do it. Thus the reason the trend lines are railing in that direction. Why not, I will be purchasing by the boat load at their expense, don't fight the sponsors. I understand.

    I will assume if your not in the cue to buy at such levels months in advance chances are when it does drop for the 12 minutes in the day you may get a partial fill.

    Thank your fellow DB for having their stop loss orders in which all these brokergage house share to set the programs up. We need another game shark flash crash! :)

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    • jforuus, insiders didn't "dump" any shares.

      Read the Form 4 and you'll see that those few shares were sold to cover tax liabilities for awarded shares(options).

      CEOs and Insiders regularly sell shares to cover tax liabilities for shares(options) awarded. It is common knowledge that this is common practice in the business world.

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