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  • pross999 pross999 Dec 20, 2012 5:26 PM Flag

    Problems with Capstone Turbines?

    Yes the bearings... the rotors melt into the bearings periodically, Mmm they are not sure why. Typically this failure mode happens during burn-in, but also shortly after commisioning - infant mortality. Perhaps if they knew the formulation of the coating on the bearings and had better supplier control, the predictibility and reliability. Totally dependant on single source for the bearings. If that bearing coating facility shuts down, bye bye CPST. Poor Dbandie, keep hanging on to this POS.

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    • Pardon me, mr. pross999, but you are speaking absolute gibberish. You obviously have no idea what you are posting about.
      Pitiful nonsense, mr. pross9.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to lmichals2001
      • Ok smart one, how am I wrong? You think or know they have the patent for the bearing coating formlation? How many bearing coating suppliers do they have? Perhaps you can answer this, what does a bearing consist of? Now that I have already told you material is coated. How do you think I would know that? Oh, I know exactly what I am talking about, you are obviously deceived by Darin's continued optimistic outlook and I probably would be too if I knew nothing different. Good luck in your investment, you need it with this company. Oh yah, how much inventors money have they spent over the past 12-15 years, $1,000,000,000 - yah count the zeros and still not profitable. That is fact!

    • A single hot restart is enough to weld cpst thin bearing foil to the shaft, pross999.
      Thanks for confirming what I said earlier. They are probably using molybdenium sulfate.

      ...Yes the bearings... the rotors melt into the bearings periodically, Mmm they are not sure why.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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