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  • freshwater_hookin freshwater_hookin Jun 17, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    Siemens dumps its solar unit due to $1 billion losses in two years.

    Bloomberg scroll news highlights the news. Capstone will get a look from Siemens in my opinion. When the first takeover bid comes, others will follow.

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    • Hey Freshwater, where are you getting these numbers? Simply not true, $1 Billion in 2 years, they lost money but not even close to that! What company bought Siemens Solar? Please advise

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      • I'm watchinng bloomberg TV at this time. The scroll just repeated the information. The scroll said they are going to CLOSE the solar unit. That means there is no sale doesn't it? The scroll message said Siemens lost over (I repeat Over) one billion dollars on this business in the past two years.. Now either turn on Bloomberg T.V. and see for yourself, call Bloomberg T.V. and question them about the information or go to the Siemens website and see if it is there. That is all the information I have at this time. sorry I can't help more, but how can you say "they lost money but not close to that' when you have no information to refute the news posting?

    • Siemens closes its solar business, UTC dumps its fuel cell business. and Capstone is about to turn profitable. G.E. is the biggest turbine maker and they have a workig relationship with Capstone. Then what happens next?

    • lol yeah.....maybe we will see buck n qtr...LOL LOL


    • Nice idea. The problem with this company is management. Every quarter sales go up and the backlog gets stronger. Yet CPST management can't turn a nickel in profits. The board is just plain dumb when it comes to making money. Engineers and scientists aren't MBAs, nor do they share the same skills. Being "smart" is not enough. So we get the same old story, over and over. Another profitless quarter. Excuses and weak promises. I believe in the technology. It's fabulous. But management is second class and dreamy eyed. You're right. A better managed company should take over Capstone. The technology would flourish worldwide. Or, better yet, management should step down and get out of the way. Their pride is too strong to see the truth. You'd think they'd want to get rich on their stock holdings. Instead, this investment just languishes. Shareholder value is stagnant. We're all captive of management egos who "think" they know how to run a profitable business. These guys are the Chicago Cubs of the business management world.

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