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  • brkout_volume_surge brkout_volume_surge Jun 18, 2013 12:59 PM Flag

    Why isnt there a CPST generator on electric hybrid cars???

    If it can power hospitals and mine shafts, why not vehicles?

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    • You might understand better giving the Wrightspeed video at the Capstone website a look. Enter Wrightspeed in the search box on Capstone home page.

      In the Wrightspeed video Ian Wright explains how his electric Isuzu NPR retrofit is saleable, saying, "So to make the economics work for the owner you've got to be able to save enough fuel to recover the capital costs in a reasonable time and therefore it has to go into vehicles that are burning a lot of fuel, and these trucks can burn 5000 gallons a year so we can get a reasonably short payback on that."

      That would be 100 gallons a week, 50 weeks a year. Not your generic daily driver car in the driveway. And the Capstone C30 shown in the video serves as a weightsaving 200-lb CNG range extender in the Wrightspeed Route retrofit, not the primary drive power source which is a battery. Ian says a diesel engine, engineered for the C30's place would weigh 2000 pounds. Ian also says designing his retrofit for an existing popular commercial truck model meant he did not have to engineer a truck, just the powertrain.

    • yep everything is just that simple as thinking it, it should happen.

    • Because United technologies and GE have it covered. Good Luck! Have you ever heard on of the cap. turbines run. Very Loud! The mid to small market is where cap fits in. No money here.

    • Capstone Video Gallery

      The "Whisper" Ford S-Max car powered by a Capstone C30 Microturbine

      In June 2009, a Capstone Model C30 liquid fueled microturbine was successfully integrated into a Ford S-Max people carrier by Langford Performance Engineering in the United Kingdom. Langford reports that the "Whisper Eco-Logic" car gets up to 80 mpg in early stage demonstration testing. The design characteristics of Capstone's turbine permits ultra-low emissions, high-fuel economy, multi-fuel capability, no coolants or lubricating oil, and little to no maintenance in hybrid electric vehicle applications.

      80 MPG Ford S-Max Crossover

    • Brkout,
      CPST has so many possible applications that directing where to put limited funds becomes a major issue. They already have turbines that range in output from 30 kw to 200 kw and are working on a 250 kw and have some kind of plan for a 370 kw. Instead of wondering why they don't make a 10 kw for a VW, why not be pressing them to get the 30's and 65's into trucks and buses and the bigger ones in trains and vessels. Once CPST has income from applications that are already met by their current portfolio of turbines they can widen the portfolio.

      For a long time the company resembled a starving artist who would rather continue to paint rather than bring completed canvases to a gallery or art show. That has changed recently with more marketing effort. I applaud that change.

    • C30 costs $34,000 and is good for 40,000 hours operation, eqivalent to about 160,000 miles. C30 power of 35 HP would not be enough to power a Yugo without a massive load of batteries.

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    • There are over 60 buses operating using Capstone microturbines as range extenders in electric buses worldwide. Buses are in operation in Italy, Russia, Japan, China, England and the United States. U.S. locations include Baltimore, Denver, Arlington, Pasadena and the Charlotte airport.
      Dec 2012

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    • Watch a Wrightspeed video on YouTube and you'll see the concept being developed on medium service trucks. On regular cars all CPST turbines are way too expensive and high powered to replace the regular piston engines in the hybrids.

    • Don't come onto a stock board of a company that started as a car generator business 20 years ago and ask stuipid questions'---do some reaserch-

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