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  • captainondeck captainondeck Aug 21, 2013 4:31 PM Flag

    85% Efficiency w/Capstone MTs at Crayne Compression Station in PA

    Aug 19, 2013
    Clean Energy Program
    Contact: Tracy Schario, 202.540.6582Industrial energy efficiency technologies can deliver thousands of dollars in savings on monthly energy costs for manufacturers and businesses. Combined heat and power, or CHP, systems capture waste heat from manufacturing and other industrial processes and use it to generate electricity. The waste heat also can be used to heat or cool nearby buildings, providing significant efficiency benefits and cost savings and helping to enhance economic competitiveness. CHP systems can also ensure continued power during utility outages caused by extreme weather events or blackouts.

    Dominion Transmission Inc., a natural gas pipeline operator serving the eastern United States, illustrates the benefits of CHP. Seeking to improve the efficiency of its Crayne Compression Station in Waynesburg, Pa., Dominion Transmission deployed a CHP system in 2004 using three Capstone microturbines. The Crayne station now operates at 85 percent efficiency, twice the previous level.

    This summer, U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy (PA-18) toured the plant, which is in his district.

    “Combined heat and power systems are another example of how our homegrown natural resources are being utilized in new and innovative ways,” Murphy said. “Southwestern Pennsylvania consistently demonstrates that it’s a national leader in energy exploration but now can claim the same title for energy efficiency as well.”

    The microturbines provide electricity and heat to two buildings and are powered by the same natural gas already flowing through the pipelines at the compression station. Capturing the excess heat from the microturbines eliminates the need for a boiler. And producing its own electricity allows the Crayne station to operate even if there is a power outage in the area.

    “This CHP system uses less natural gas and produces more energy than a traditional boiler,” said Dan Dono

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    • It appears to me that good companies like Dominion sit on moneymaking moves like using Capstone MTs in this application. Why is that? They just hate to let the competition in on a good thing!

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    • “The CHP with Capstone microturbines run really
      well,” said Jerry Todd, Dominion Transmission Project
      Manager and Design Engineer. “The microturbines use
      less gas and produce more heat than the boilers. We’re
      generating our own electricity and heat for the system.
      In essence, the heat for the hot water is free.”
      The Capstone microturbines replaced an old back-up
      generator, which Todd described as a “polluter” and
      “very noisy.”
      “We were going to have to overhaul it or replace
      it,” he said.
      Efficiency of the microturbine-based system is about
      85 percent, according to Todd. Efficiency of the old
      reciprocating engine was only 30 percent. “The boiler
      was in the 40 percent range,” Todd added. “With the
      microturbines, we’ve more than doubled our efficiency
      and don’t use as much fuel.”
      “Dominion installed Capstone microturbines for
      reliability, economic, and environmental reasons,” said
      Jeff Beiter, E-Finity Managing Partner. “As Dominion
      expands its operations, they’re continuing to look for
      ways to reduce emissions. Capstone microturbines are
      the answer.”
      Todd said payback on the efficient and reliable
      Capstone microturbine system is about five years.
      “Some stations with microturbines are saving as
      much as US$3,000 – US$4,000 per month on electric
      costs,” he said. 

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    • Being from Pittsburgh thats one of the reasons I am invested heavily in Capstone, the other is the equipment fleet used to bring the fracking water and other supplies will soon be running CPST EREV’s

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    • Cpst turbine life is 4.5 years. Cpst payback time is 10 years. You bought cpst turbine like Russians did, I bet. Russians learned cpst tricks and stopped paying for it. Reference: " Our accounts receivable balance, net of allowance for doubtful accounts, was $23.7 and $17.9 million as of June 30, 2013 and March 31, 2013, respectively. Days sales outstanding in accounts receivable (“DSO”) at the end of the first quarter of Fiscal 2014 was 89 days, compared with 59 days at the end of the first quarter of Fiscal 2013. The change in DSO was largely the result of lower sales during the period and slower collection of certain European accounts receivable balances. We recorded bad debt expense of $25,000 during the first quarter of Fiscal 2014 compared to $0.6 million during the first quarter of Fiscal 2013. No assurances can be given that future bad debt expense will not increase above current operating levels. Increased bad debt expense or delays in collecting accounts receivable could have a material adverse effect on cash flows and results of operations. In addition, our ability to access the capital markets may be severely restricted or made very expensive at a time when we need, or would like, to do so, which could have a material adverse impact on our liquidity and financial resources. Certain industries in which our customers do business and certain geographic areas may have been and could continue to be adversely affected by the current economic environment."

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      • Ignoanus do you even read what you comment on? Note: "Dominion Transmission deployed a CHP system in 2004 using three Capstone microturbines. The Crayne station now operates at 85 percent efficiency, twice the previous level." Ignoanus this Capstone MT CHP system is going on 10-years old now. Furher, Ignoanus this system has likely paid for its self 3 X in that time period from the savings indicated here.

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