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    Bureau of Energy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) : Central and local government have joined together to establish a critical point of time

    The Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs cooperating with Pintung and Chunghua county governments have lunched the biogas power generation program. The announcement of the program is the turning point of cooperation between the central and local governments. Counties of Pintung and Chunghua, both have the highest density of pig farms in the nation, both are capable of generating electricity by recycling biogas from the sewage treatment plant supported by the Bureau of Energy's Biogas Power Generation System Subsidy Program. The program not only removes they traditional impression of pig farms but also introduces a positive perspective of green economy and enhances the growth of the industry.

    Chunghua county's "Sewage Treatment Plant and Biogas Power Generation System Project for the Hanbao Farm" was established by the county government and the Hanbao farm industry. The system includes water scrubbers for the purification procedure of removing hydrogen sulfide and 3 sets of 65 kW micro-turbine generators, which can be operated continuously for long periods of time to increase the annual power generation to 1.15 million kWh.

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    • Cappy MTs do run on methane gas from pig, cow and chicken manure. Here are a couple of Capstone Turbine projects for those of you, like aanooch44, who are DD-challenged:

      Swineline Farm Agricultural Biogas, Cullinan, South Africa – Agriculture
      At a pig farm in South Africa, a 65kW microturbine produces clean electricity from methane biogas. The installation and operation of one Capstone C65 microturbine has helped reduce odor in the surrounding atmosphere and produces enough energy to heat the facility, pump water, and run the ventilation system at the farm. The single-unit installation has reduced electricity usage on the farm by at least 30 percent.

      Kupferzell Agricultural
      Biogas Plant
      Converting biomass to biogas is simple. Fill a digester with manure
      and rotten vegetables – just about any kind of biomass – seal it, and
      unleash trillions of methane-producing bacteria to convert worthless
      waste into valuable fuel.
      The production of biogas is booming in Germany. The German
      Biogas Association projects that biogas will provide 17 percent of
      the country’s electricity by 2020. While the conversion of biomass
      to biogas is accessible and simple, the issue most farmers face is
      finding the best way to economically use the biogas that’s generated.
      Farmer Thomas Karle, owner of the Kupferzell agricultural biogas
      plant in Germany, is putting waste to work.
      Using Capstone Turbine Corporation’s MicroTurbine® technology,
      organic waste is turned to fertilizer that’s used by Kupferzell farms
      spanning more than 100 hectares (10.7 million square feet).

      Capstone Turbine is the future of energy.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Pigs to generate grid’s electricity

      The Changhua County Government has signed a contract with a hog farm in Fangyuan Township (芳苑) that will make the farm the first demonstration site for biogas power generation in the county.

      The plant will use biogas recovered from treating the pig farm’s wastewater to generate electricity, the county government said. Present at the signing ceremony on July 17 were Changhua County Deputy Commissioner Yang Chung (楊仲) and Hanbao Farm Co chairman Chen Hsiu-hsiung.

      Yang said Changhua County is a major pig-raising county with numerous small and medium-sized farms that raise about 800,000 pigs, which generate a large volume of wastewater.

      Although the wastewater from hog farms is currently treated before being discharged into rivers, it still affects the environment to a certain extent, Yang said.

      Under this latest project with Hanbao Farm, the county government will build a wastewater treatment center that meets higher water standards.

      Hanbao Farm’s owner said the wastewater treatment and biogas generation facility can be economically viable for any hog farm that raises at least 5,000 pigs.

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