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  • apppro apppro Oct 23, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    WHY isnt Capi ALL OVER CNBC and this Brian Sully this week.

    flare gas flare gas.

    call them up and tell them to hook up a few Capi turbines to all that wasted flared gas.

    I've been tweeting CNBC and @ Sullycnbc for 2 days. the rest of you should too

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    • There are 7000 wells spread or thousands of square miles. Now way to connect them to distribute the power. They would be better off connecting a pipe between well sites and save the gas to sell later. The gas however is a fraction of the value of the oil recovered so it is considered waste. Not worth collecting and selling.

    • they can sell the energy to utility companies rather than flar ing the gas
      how F en dumb r they
      why isn't cpst all over this obvious opportunity??

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      • They cant sell the energy to utilities because there is no infrastructure to transfer the electricity. Although you would think they could run some lines from the wells to a nearby power line. Although, it can't be cheap to erect those lines, so perhaps it doesnt make sense economically. And you have to figure once the well is dry, that land is not going to have a lot of demand for a residential use, so any erected power line would then become worthless.

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