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  • miketelco2002 miketelco2002 Mar 12, 2010 2:48 PM Flag

    Low returns

    This is a really very underperforming holding.

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    • It is interesting to see these older posts and to see how wrong they are. Back in early 2010 the market looked alot different than in late 2012. This is one of the funds that you keep for the long term, which that philosophy has changed in the strictly stock trading investment world. Low expense ratio makes it even better.

    • Well, I have to Disagree
      -As an Alternative to Owning a Port of INDEX Funds
      -Even Vs the Prime Index Port Example of the COFFEEHOUSE Port of 7 Index funds..
      -It has been A Lazymans and For the Novice Investors Great All-In-One place/Fund to own..

      1- It's Done Just as well as the Coffeehouse Port for the past 3,5,10 ,15 and 20 yrs..
      2. One could learn alot from Owning this Fund and Using it as a Benchmark and if whatever else they want, just make sure you beat VWELX by 1% apy or Why Bother?

      3. Jack Boggle Let it Slip.. 09' Forbes Interview..

      " Bal Funds will Out perform a Port of Indexes on the ave of 1 out of every 3 yrs and Only do as well the other 2."

      And VG and All other FA's Hate BF's, since it takes Alot of Business away from them being able to Sell their other Individual Funds they make their $ from and Steals alot of Customers from the FA firms..

      I always use VWELX to compare to a FA firm That uses Indexes 1st.. If they haven't beaten it by at least 1% apy + their Fee for the past 5-10 yrs? Why bother using them?

      Excellent Starter Fund for New Investors and As Grad Gifts or Use STAR -VGSTX
      Another Comparison?
      Try 60/40 of VIMSX and VBMFX or VBIIX.
      and just make sure your constantly Rebalancing like VWELX does..

      And vs other Non Index Funds? Don't have to worry about it Closing Up Shop..

      Excellent Starter Fund for New Investors and As Grad. Gifts. Or Use STAR-VGSTX for Smaller Amts.

      • 1 Reply to limoman60
      • And I'm just a Old Retired Ave. Joe Investor passing on some 20/20 Hindsight..

        Instead of a VWELX
        And you really have the Self Discipline and ability to Rebalance a Port of managing at least 2 Funds? ( most don't BTW as Neither Did I for yrs)

        Run A 60/40 of either:
        For Indexers> MC- VIMSX and VBIIX

        Or For Non Indexers>
        A MERDX & VBIIX
        Or Use MWTRX ( Or HABDX, PTTDX or TGLMX) for your Bond side

        Historically you would have done better..

        and You would of had More Flexibility for both Bear and Recovery/Bull markets.. To Fluxuate your % allocation from 60/40 to a 75/25 at opportune times and even go more conservative in Bear Times to a 40/60..

        Running a 60/40 for Recovery and a 40/60 for Bears? You'd ave over 9%-11+ apy past 15 yrs now.

        Thats +2-4% apy more than VWELX alone..

        But, always DYOR before Investing your $, Don't just take my Word for it..

    • In fact, it isn't. Not over the long run. It didn't lose as much as other funds during the crash, but a corollary is that it won't increase as fast as other funds during a bull market. Both are functions of the balanced nature of this fund.

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