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  • ChulaVistaBabe ChulaVistaBabe Apr 15, 1999 12:38 AM Flag

    Oh sweet goodness!

    If it isn't my two favorite psychotic twins,
    Tweedle Dave and Tweedle Sunny! How simply awesome to see
    you both together on one page again. It's a beautiful

    Now don't be upset, sugar bugars. You just have to
    know that I love you both.


    p.s. Now
    that I know it's really you, David (as I suspected all
    along), I'll dust off those really special handcuffs I
    know you'll get a kick out of. No more kid games for
    you, sugar.

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    • Good analogy, this is now a young (and lean, and
      hopefully flexible) company again. You can expect some
      volatility over the next several quarters.

      To answer
      your question, their French and German operations were
      not generating revenues. Hopefully their new owners
      can turn that around. They are still distributors for
      Comshare products.

      Interesting that the stock rose
      slightly after the bad news today. The old axiom "price
      goes down on good news" and "up on bad news" still
      applies from time to time. Who knows what it will do
      tomorrow. But the institutional investors are out of this
      one, and from what I've heard employees hold a
      boatload of stock.

      I don't expect this stock to
      fall much unless something really catastrophic
      happens. Their competition is similarly struggling, for
      that matter.

    • You seem like a knowledable person in this
      sector. Where do you think this puppy is going? Why did
      they sell their French and German operations,
      particularly when they were creating revenue? Was it to narrow
      the focal point to one or two applications?
      appreciate some objective feedback.

      Thanks in Advance

    • Let's just hope you didn't take that job Hyperion offered you. Same ocean, same boat, big leaks all around ....

    • The ballon has burst. Find another sucker!

    • The purpose of this post is to inform you of an
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      (IATR). The name change and cusip change will go into
      effect immediately after the shareholder's meeting May

      5) On April 1, 1999, TPEG announced that Pacific
      Softworks filed an initial public offering (IPO) on March
      26, 1999, for 800,000 units.

      6 On April 7,
      1999, TPEG announced the appointment of Barry Sandrew,
      Ph.D., as executive vice president and chief technology
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      7)On April 15, 1999, TPEG announced the commencement
      of the publication of a free bi-weekly newsletter to
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      10) Further Press Releases are forthcoming.

    • Must be great to be associated with such a
      prestigious, comical company.

      Speculator, you are just
      the latest in a very long line of dimwitted investors
      who threw money at this Super Dog and then left a few
      months later. Trust me, you will make no money. But
      please don't take my word for it; I prefer to see your
      accounts suffer for awhile.

      As for Gates' "book"
      (ie. advertisement written by MSFT staff
      ghostwriters), the other poster was right, CSRE hasn't been a
      leader since the Reagan administration. Reselling MSFT
      software which is sold at rock bottom prices and has a
      plethora of value-added 3rd party vendors/consultants
      isn't the place to make money. As for HYSL, they've
      made their mistakes but they're not a flea-bitten
      rustbelt Detroit company and they will recover. Something
      about having the best OLAP tool out there and all
      Granted, it's competitive now with MSFT's SQL Server but
      such is life. Sucks to be CSRE right now as the share
      price indicates.

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