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  • journey_in2_unknown journey_in2_unknown Oct 23, 2000 9:32 PM Flag

    airbus the flaming liberal

    Snowball size meteor leaves 10 mile crater. Good
    lord how stupid can you be??? You probably believe
    everything you hear about the ozone to. Liberals always
    believe everything they hear. Nuke plants are here plus
    rising in number. Pull your head out and find out the
    truth for once in your life.

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    • ...that I am not too fond of your brethren! I
      honestly believe they are nothing but a bunch of
      patronising arseholes. And, your cute GOPher comment sure
      fell on deaf ears too because those whimpy jerks are
      not much better either! Got it?

      I am not being
      political, I am only trying to express myself on important
      items to us, the citizens, the taxpayers, because I
      honestly believe that these politicians and the news media
      are taking us jerks, the sheep, to the cleaners! You
      got it now? It is absolutely pitiful how we can take
      their crap so easily, without so much as a
      Cheers again to you, my new-found debating

    • So, so what? If Nader, for example, didn't beat
      the auto industry for seat belts, years on end, you
      probably might not be here. How many other things liberals
      have contributed? Truckloads. We,actually, are more
      progressive conservatives of sort. The liberals look for
      progress--but not at the expense of the enviroment, human or

      Who conserves the forests, not the
      "conservative" right wingers, they cut that thing down faster
      than a convetion of Oregon beavers in heat. Who cleans
      up the enviroment, not the c.r.w.'s, who pollute it
      without regard and the liberals end up with the cleaning
      bill. Who put the first human on another world, not the
      c.r.w.'s, they still think the planet is flat. On and on
      and so on.

      Do you know how fast a meteor
      enters the atmosphere? A snowball size hitting a nuke
      plant would do incredible damage for miles. The Arecibo
      crater in NM was a small meteor, check out the stats.
      The Tanguska in eastern Russia was small, incredible
      damage. That puppy hit, from memory, in 1907? The flash
      was seen for miles around, the description of multi
      megaton nuke explosion, it's only a rock composed of
      iron-nickel, etc., In 1907 not many lived there, in 2000 the
      story is quite different,--everywhere. There are so
      many asteroids that pass the distance of the moon so
      close to Earth. They are the sporadics, out of orbit
      from the belt, that could someday get "tripped" out
      due to our gravitational forces. Not more than a
      couple hundered meters in diameter and it's sayonara
      senor! Extremely hard to monitor and no defense yet
      available to either conservatives, liberals or otherwise.

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      • Conservatives saved the enviroment. They replace
        what they use. Unlike the greedy liberals who take MY
        MONEY and give it away to the lazy and worthless. And
        since the government forced auto industry to install
        air bags we have had a number of infant deaths.
        Government does not make this country go. WE THE PEOPLE do.
        Reconize those words airbus? Didn't think so

      • ...too if Nadir had got his way on fire alarms!
        What's that? Well, I believe, he fought tooth and nail
        to prevent their usage. Why? Because they contain a
        minute amount of the radioactive isotope

        Nadir fought against the fire chiefs and all common
        sense to prevent their usage. Thank goodness he was
        overruled, because these harmless gadgets have saved
        thousands of lives already! Amazing,

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