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  • aurel57 aurel57 Dec 5, 2005 11:18 AM Flag

    Wild swings this AM

    Was able to sell what I bought Fri for a nice profit and just bought back. Not sure how it worked but I watch my sell order go thru and it was sold in 2 lots. and the second half sold for more than what I had asked for and Ameritrade is paying me the lessor amount? but still happy with what i got.

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    • Greetings ROWDY,
      Living in Texas and having friend that lived on Palo Pinto St. in Dallas, I must correct your spelling..It may help you Google info as to who's well it was...from news reports here (Dallas) no names were mentioned.
      Happy investing,

    • Give it a rest

      lets talk about oil & natural gas

    • You proably heared about the unfortnate case of Vang killing 6 white hunters after they told him to get of their land??? That is the area I hunt in and you "religiously ask owners for written permission", you just dont go on their land! Well, unfortunally this Hmong, MN hunter, hunting in WI didnt seem to understand our laws, if they would have shot first and ask questions later, this wouldnt have happend! But then we have a lot of Hmongs who seem to think that everybodies property gives them the right to hunt/fish on private or government land/lakes because thats the law in the land they came from! I dont know about VA, except its a nice state, polite people and I love the history, but when I was living in ID, OR, MT, WY and even CA, this crap wouldnt fly! Even at our place in the Twin Cities, where we have a fence, I can carry and use a weapon, just dont shoot outside the fence! I myself like the open carry law in WI (our county) better and our elected girls Sheila Harsdorf and Kitty Rhodes are fighting right now in Madison for conceiled carry, but with out dip stick governeor the "Doyly Towel" (Doyle) it will never happend, we need Tommy Thompson back!
      I am fortunate, if I place a 911 in N-Hudson, Ill have a sqaud in my driveway in less than 2 min or a call if it would take longer, they call me right from their cell phone! I had a neighbor probelm too they moved here from LIBERAL MN and figured they can do as they please overhere, it didnt fly!
      They were at the station in less then a few minutes and the chief personally "grilled them" and had them make restitution! They had to pay the village clerk, which in return then passed the money onto me, no court necessary! ;o)
      Hope you can recover your damages!
      Good trading and a good xmas/new year season to you!

    • Wow...If I stuck my 44 mag in someones face that was on my property, I would be arrested for banishing a weapon. The police here just cover up the crime.

      I not sure what this country is coming to but the judicial system has been broke for a long time. I have had problems with one neighbor and you can not believe the damage he has done to my property...I am talking thousands of dollars. I am armed all the time...even in the house. I feel your pain.


    • Anybody knows whose well that was that had this spectacular explosin?

    • Did you ever pull up the web site I gave you? Tonight there is another "proof is in the pudding" event, about the secret groups, monitoring of communication - but we have had that all along, this time via satellite, of signals with hardly any magnitude hardwired or wireless, internet or cell phone without tapping into the transmission nodes/devices! I knew that when the satellites by/for the government were launched and their purpuse was "undisclosed"! It is amazing how far technology has "propelled"!
      In the old days we used "inductive coupling" to extract signals and listen into communication and nobody was concerned about a "surch/warrant issued by a judge" then? I can just see the congress liberals drooling all over by "hearings" about the violaton of privacy!
      But thats another story!
      Good trading and whats your opinion about all this dropping of the O&GS?
      Temp. 15.8F
      Gasoline up to $2.17 again???

    • Pulled my buy order, something here is wrong! Are we going towards 5s again????
      Good trading,

    • Thank you for beeing able to transform yourself in our situation, there are people which delibertly read things into a message to change it and argue their point!
      Did you see the instructions I gave to Peter to find out a little more about our special units, maybe you would like to pull up that site. There were some changes made and I hope is was for national security and NOT for political correctness!
      Speaking of national security, FOX just announced that the patriot act in its form was not passed! What does it take with those "freedom lovers and their rights" to live up to the fact that the world has changed? Dont they get it that those "people" have a agenda which isnt exacly a "gentlemens agreement", plus time on their side? How many innocent have to be blown up before it sinks in, 9/11 aviously didnt do it!
      Bank robber just shot a guard in CA!
      I had another computer problem again and lost your email adress, I hope you still got mine and please send me a blurp!
      I had a good workout with the snow blower, about 10 inches and over two feet where the city discharged whith their plow into my driveway. It looks actuall really nice to look out towards my deck, the cardinals were just here and the males are bright red, Rody was here to empty his little tray with sunflower seeds, when he is done he always put his "hands" against the deck doot and looks in at me, like "is there more" and the Chicadees are picking away on their treats. Juncos and Blue Jays are fighting over the treats in the birdhoue on my railing! Havnt seen Rowdy, hope he is still alive, and of course Chippy is now hybernating and wont be back till spring. The rabbit elected the bushes around and below my deck to be his home again and he loves his carrots. My property is completely surrounded (corner lot) on the south and east side by White pines and some Cedars, and pines in the back yard, we do not have fences in this in this Village! We do have one so in Minneapolis where Lois stayes during the week to take the bus to work, because she would not fight the traffic or the bad weather to go to work. One lady works with her here from Husdon and it took her over 2 hours yesterday to make the 30 mile trip.
      Now you think you are "windy" I beat you to it!
      Looks like my $6s prediction is happening and my order for $6.90 did not fill yet! This stock does not like AON!
      Best wishes and good trading,
      Still snowing @ 22.8F

    • Dear Peter,
      Please do the following. Go onto Google and type in Starfighter.
      Then go to subject #9!
      Click on "starfighter with Germany", this is what I am talking about, except they only HINT to the serial numbers! Thats where I was @ Luke's AFB but then remaind as a "undisclosed fighter group" in America (FT. Bliss)! Did you know how (little) many squads were equipped with nuke capability, I carried a 1KT)
      I am still trying to pull up my pix and send you the URL!
      Good trading and I am getting tired,

    • Dear Peter and thank you for your kind reply!
      It was a "unnamed" commando group with air crafts (F-104 D & G) that did NOT display a national emblem, we were only traceable by serial numbers on the aircraft! If we would get shot down, because our objective was to operate beyond enemy lines, our excistance would have been denied, this was a "one way trip"!
      I was unable to to disclose our excistance for 15 years after my discharge under "a penalty of law" and for respect of my all now retired fellow soldiers, I will hold my oth not to reveil our identity. (If you do enough reseach you might find us, also I am going to give you a link, if I can find it to see a picture of me landing my F-104 after going back to Germany! Remember when Ronnie disputed the excistance of the DELTA force, now its out in the open after Somalia! Civilians have no clue whats going on in our, this includes NATO, forces. If I wouldnt have had authorized access to the MAD (Militaerischer Abschirm Dienst) and the CIA I wouldnt had no clue either. (Look it up on your computer!) My status was "Cryptal" if you know what tha means!
      We are also not as dumb as some label us on the boards, we at least all spoke 3 to 5 languages and hold multi degrees, all my training obviously was in american (english if you will) and I am one of the dumber ones because I only speak german, spanish and italien, most in my force,in which I was promoted to wing commander spoke even hebru and russion on top of that!
      Best wishes and good trading to you,
      (The rodent)

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