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  • usarccoman98 usarccoman98 Mar 31, 2008 3:51 PM Flag

    Royale Visit

    At the investors meeting on Friday all the Royale key players were there to discuss, explain and participate in the unveiling of the 2008A Drilling Program. As an example: the COB, CEO, CFO/Head of Operations, engineer, geologist etc etc where there along with yours truly and my best buddy. We had a very big day in the many beach pubs the previous day. Well that's enough of our personal life and I really must try to do better in guarding my OPSEC. I am reluctant to disclose any details about the specifics of the meeting but I will tell you that 2008A package is all in Ca. and is a four well package.
    We went over the geology and I was impressed. Some very strong plays in the package. My check is already in the mail.
    Now lets get all the doom and gloom off this board inasmuch as Royale is cooking just fine and with NGAS at over $10.00 a mcf this morning and knowing full well that one of the major pipelines is now in to and through our holdings in Utah I have to admit I am still very, very bullish on this Company.
    Some points to consider.
    1. Webber 27 is still in the developement stage. It looks pretty good but don't bet the bank on it.
    2. One well in Utah was completed last year to go along with the two exisiting wells up there... Moon Canyon #'s 1 & 2.
    3. Strange as it might seem Moon C.#1 might spring back to life. I had written it off as a non producer. They found another zone or two that might be profitable.
    4. Two other wells were drilled late last year but winter closed in on them and they await completion. I saw the logs and am sitting here in sunny Arizona waiting for the snow to melt up there so we can see what they have. It looks good to me.
    5. The last well in the package is to be drilled when the snow melts.

    As many of you know my buddy and I have played in just about every progam since 1996 and can tell how well Royale is doing in spite of what some on this board might think. Hell no it's not insider information, it's called a Royalty Check that comes each and every month like clockwork.
    Got to go, more later.
    Good investing to all of you.
    Now you all know why Chippy calls me "Company Man"

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