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  • rowdyrodent_1996 rowdyrodent_1996 Jun 16, 2008 5:34 PM Flag

    Hey CG

    You got that right! When ever a stock runs or goes down fast all the "trailer trash" appears! I got all those IDIOTS on ignore!
    BTW this is now a stock I can play as a day trader, the swings are there and the volume is there.
    I hope usarco is going to give us some good insightes after the meeting!
    Good trading,

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    • Thanks Rowdy. Hope you are feeling better !!
      Your "company man" will give us the straight news, if any, next weekend.

      Our new friends dont have a clue.

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      • CG,
        There are a few good newbees, but most of them are not only clueless, they are worthless and if they trade, they probably got 100 shares, I trade with 10K plus in almost all my stocks with the exception of MMM, which I hold for a split and get the div. in the meantime! Then I cash in 50% and let the rest ride!
        The $96800 profit was a nice "hit" on ROYL, now I just wished the government (IRS) would go away! Flat taxes for everything all the way across!
        Good trading,

    • rowdy, who is cg? just curious

    • I'm with you. I have been playing the game with 15-20% holding the rest. Let them play their games - it is getting predicable.

      I'm still holding 80%, but in effect lowering my cost by trading daily. You don't have to get greedy either. I have a sell order I guarantee will hit, and then if it drops.

      If it drops down to $8.60 - I'll buy more. Worst case, I'm holding an extra 1000 shares. If the price does find it's way down to $4-5, I am going to take a bath anyway.

      I have my cost down to around $7.25, and I feel pretty good about that. It's only a little more than a guessing game. However, I'm not selling my "core amount". NG has been completely ignored. A large Mexican NG facility has been shut down due to a leak (2% of U.S. NG), and imports and NG storage are down.

      I like the way this is looking; however, they have to show real potential and deliver shortly thereafter. I did find out who the investor was that purchased the private placement. They appear to be in the business of buying undervalued stocks, but it's still a mystery. I honestly think they are trying to expedite drilling so they can put on a show later this week.

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