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  • pierre_narusse pierre_narusse Jan 17, 2012 12:36 PM Flag

    Nigeria, Iran, China

    If one mo Iranian professor get killed we may have trouble

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    • Where have all the pumpers gone..........short time pumping?
      The answer my friends....invest in the oil sands, long time really pumping! Maybe the Hosmer bunch can start another rumor about the Q/earnings report, taking some more clueless pumpers money and then the final collapse into $2s, so Pearl can finally get back in? (But then give/take a month with their reporting, the spin attorneys have to concoct a report first)
      Gingrich - love it, finally somebody told that liberal left wing OBIMBO press where to go, this will make a change in reporting I hope, but the left wing money will keep on flowing in to keep their s$it face distorted reporting alive!
      After this "Hollywood" singing attempt, I hope Michelle sits on his face, grabs him by the ears and gives him a good rub down, what an BOY IDIOT - Al Queda must have been laughing, rolling on the floor about our tough leader!!!
      Bag holders, take your brown paper bag, inhale/exhale for 5 min. to avoid panic attacks!
      Temp: Last nite below zero, then back into the 30s! .9 inches of snow last nite and over 600 accidents alone in the Twin Cities this morning between 5 - 7, great drivers, eh?
      (Of course they think on the first "grease snow" it's still aright to do 60mph - idiots)
      Going to the cities tomorrow, picking up great German Bread and old country meat and sausages, checking up on the MPLS property and pick up some more fish for my 75 gal. Aquarium!
      Lifesgood and I/we are having fun!!!!! (Screw the market)

    • lol ,this stock follows the charts and fab to a tee,, wow and you say you make money , duh

    • NGs are taking BIG HITS led by giant CHK!!!
      NOA which predicted the warmest winter in 117 years was correct and talking to my neighbors our NG heating bills went down by about 30 to 50%, love it! ;o)
      $2s low end isn't out of the questing with the huge surplus.
      Where is the predicted $8 by all the "wise men", I am still waiting (of course, then didn't know NOTHING about this stock)??
      Good (day) trading,

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