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  • salmonroebait salmonroebait Feb 22, 2012 10:01 AM Flag

    perfect storm for upswing after a great drop

    Where are the old timmers on this board

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    • gotta,
      First, my sincere thanks for the service of your sons!
      The current military is NOT a draft and anybody who signed up had to understand that it is NOT a free gravy train, if war breaks out, there are consequences! (Hell to be paid!)
      I have all 4 grand children in the service, one girl in the air force - S. Korea, one boy in Afghanistan - Black Hawk, Kosovo - Intelligence and SpOp - current assignment???
      Second, this here now, old F-104 NATO pilot may be battle hardened from the killing fields (Germany) I witnessed in WW2.
      (And we are not talking about only soldiers, civilians slaughtered!)
      Third, at my flight training at Luke AFB, AZ we were told that our mission (future assignment) can be a one way trip, therefor going through special op. training is mandatory, if we "wash out" we go home!
      Fourth, I never thought of my assignment to be Biggs Air Field, Ft. Bliss, TX would be a nuclear unit.
      So, I thinks that will give you some insight where I am coming from!
      Good trading,

    • Oildrum does'nt just embarass himself he is creating enormous liabilitty for himself with his libelous false and misleading accusations about Royale and it's management. Usarcoman may be onto something!

      • 2 Replies to glw200081
      • oildrum (does'nt) doesn't just embarrass himself >,< he is creating enormous (liabilitty) liability for himself with his libelous false and misleading accusations about Royale and it's management. (Usarcoman) usarccoman might be on to something!
        WHERE IS THE BOARD POLICE???? (I am having fun with those 8-graders)
        Interview on TV of a college student tonight:

        Sir, who would you vote for president in 2012?
        I absolutely will vote for Obama AGAIN!
        Sir did you vote for him last time?
        NO?????? (_!_)

        By the way replace oildrum with OBAMA, replace Royale and usarccoman with with Republicans, then you might be on to something too! I think you posted on the wrong board??? ;o)

    • SAL! That like saying you could not afford to be a MILLIONAIRE maybe you can't but I can!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$>$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$>>>$!

    • Watching rowdy, pearl, and oildrum embarass themselves. Pearl changed to odconfifkvik.

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