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  • dollars2come Dec 30, 2012 12:02 PM Flag

    11.2 million shares

    With this few of shares, it doesn't take much to move the price, be it up or down. However, I view this, an excellent opportunity to buy more. This move came without news. This signifies the fact someone got tired of waiting and dumped a fair amount of shares. Don't be just as dumb and do the same. Buy more, you won't regret it. It'll run right back up, pronto!

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    • sell off on NO NEWS........ retail s/h are CLUELESS, TOTALLY IN THE DARK.......... some one making big big money on the sell off and now they gonna take it back up ?? no regulatory inquiry or curiosity ? maybe take a look at identity of entities involved at least ?? compare entities that sold to the entities on the way back up ??? IS that no minimally reasonable to expect to protect retail s/h ?

    • anybody thinkin that dec 28 sell off ,,,, on no news whatsoever,,, was tax related,,, hence the key date to look for should be (wash rule) 30 days after sale (in 2012) means re purchase of shares might occur as of 30th day into 2013 ? if thats a persons thinking,,, then todays entry point is the ultimate bargain.

    • A trading Alogo running on a HFT system was used to manipulate the order flow into the NBBO system. The fact that one is doing this on purpose is a CRIME. Too bad the SEC doesn't care about this same thing happening thousands of times of day across all stocks. KEEP REPORTING IT UNTIL THEY GET SO ANNOYED THEY DO SOMETHING.

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