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  • jillsexsmith jillsexsmith Feb 5, 2013 11:08 PM Flag

    December Sell-off

    Some say the December sell-off was due to tax-loss selling. Personally I don’t buy that explanation; it’s more likely to do with the sudden and unexpected halt to the Great Bear drilling season. Hints to what may have forced Ed Duncan to throw in the towel can be found in Dr. Adhel-Rahman recent oil and gas article. He talks about some of the risks inherent in developing the Shublik Shale which includes low pressurization and the possibility of heavy oil impeding the fracing process. It’s entirely possible that the flow testing that Great Bear attempted failed to produce commercial quantities of oil. On a positive note, Royale thinks they can over-come this problem by selecting a zone where the presence of some gas sill improve the reservoir energy and well productivities. As a new shareholder of ROYL, I sure hope they’re right.

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    • Welcome! I believe your "sell off" assumption is correct!
      The only sellers might have been shorts so, which saw better opportunities in stocks that produce and move up. (Unless one writes of $3000 Fed and $500??? like my state allows - it would be counter productive to pull the money out - there is a small opportunity to gain, but a even greater one to lose everything, plus too many of the rookies are in too deep)
      This board was very civil till the "insulting" wanna get rich overnite, clueless rookies, know better and other garbage arrived! (The name calling was relentless when the PUMPERS took over this board)
      Posters like usarco, rogere, pearl (old timers and we might not agree on everything) who followed this stock for a long time, like me since 1996 know this hyped "Family owned stock". It can still be a good day/week trading stock, but at this point would not call it an investment!
      This stock requires a FULL TIME watch to catch a "The Carott & Donkey RUN" when it happen!

      Anyway best and GOOD luck!
      Good news: Temp. from -35F to 31F
      Bad news: Gasoline from $2.89 to $3.59 ($3.39 with discount card)

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      • Hi, not sure about the 'board dynamics' or why people think chat room debates are at all relevant to the stock market. But I do know a few things about current activity in Alaska. Great Bear has some 5-star equity behind it. Check out the list of names financing GB operations. GB is drilling along the current haul road. They didn't require any bigtime road building to do that. Royale's leases are both more extensive and more remote. The O/G journal article points to Royale's leases as potentially well positioned. Any news about new road infrastructure should benefit Royale. Also, Parnell is going to get some big incentives pushed through with this current Leg.

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