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  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Apr 4, 2013 7:40 AM Flag

    are all you royl "bash posters" just trying to take entry positions/accumulate at cheaper prices.......

    dont answer = rhetorical question.

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    • ROYL is a bargain at the $2 level, significant downside is gone. This is how investors make money, getting in prior to good news and asset appreciation. They control valuable leases which have been proven to be undervalued based on subsequent sales, IE COP purchase.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I AM TRYING TO TAKE A POSITION AT $1.19-1.26 AND THEN FLIPPING IT AT $2.94. IT'S ABOUT TIME FOR ANOTHER DONKEY RUN. I am not a basher. This company is basically worth nothing. However, this cycle has been going on for years.

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      • Hey Pearl, did you flip some or just went fishing? The water should be ice free where you are and the next flood down your street is coming up - so get your canuoe ready!
        Good flipping! (This stock is for the CHIZ, hope he sold some on the FAKE again)
        Temp: 50F
        Gasoline $3.32 with Freedom and Super America Card! (Cheaper here in Hudson now then across the river in MN!)

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • YOU ARE HOPING FOR A ENTRY PPS OF 1.26 BUT YOU CANNOT "try"........ you have zero influence on what is happening to stk mkt cap. that current mkt is a bet on the potential blockbuster alaskan acreage in ROYL ASSET PORTFOLIO. by the way........ aside from a handful of very astute posters who clearly have a intiimate knowledge of this industry......this mb is just routine bash posters and a small amt of pro royl advocates. i would think royl could easily go to threes before going below 1.95...............investors will look forward on earnings release. accumulation for development of alaskan acreage is a bet many will take at current pricing.
        you wanna call the bottom. most all experts say no person can call the top nor the bottom.
        you are simply hoping. the folks buying now validily envision 3 or 4 per share before 1.50 per share.
        we shall see what happens on earnings release. might surprise many.

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