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  • stringandtwocups stringandtwocups Apr 5, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    latest press rrelease divulges new info........

    so the latest press release of 2 days ago ciiting greatbear(ed duncan) gives update as to why great bears development of its alaskan acreage has been delayed. originally....greatbear was to commence horozontal drilling/fracking in december 2012 BUT ........ WE now learn that the greatbear lease on its drilling rig expired such that great bear w/no rig could not proceed.
    imo,,,,,,,,, royl is following the lead of great bear on the alaskan acreage we have to keep watch on greatbear/ed duncan................
    seems like royl should not have trouble finding deep pocket partner to develop its alaskan acreage if the greatbear/ed duncan ongoing research and development bears fruit. thats why........getting in @ current pps is arguably a nice speculative bet.
    the majority of posters on this mb are high quality posters, very well informed/versed in this sector and most of these small handful of posters are negative on royl. i have to give their posted content a valid weighting. i however, betting what i can afford to lose,,,,,,chose to make the long positioned bet and i want to see how royl eventually plays out with its alaskan leases. upside, imo, could be multibagger.
    the long timers correctly called the immediate selloff on the most recent rehashed press release although i contend there was a small amount of new info in the rehashed article , to wit, the basis for great bears delay being expiry of their rig lease. you know,,, in small cap biopharma sector, we are betting on potential of new drugs obtaining fda approval. well,,,,,,, if there is bountiful quantity of oil and gas on the greatbear/royale alaskan leased acreage........then the state of alaska is gonna be very helpful to grease the wheels for greatbear/royale as far as minimizing any bureaucratic red tape (i imagine). state of AK is going to promote this venture. the brothers /royl know they are sitting on goldmine, very possibly.

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    • Where is audit?

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      • prof- thats why this stk is at basement levels............we all know the flaws herein........the brothers have been milking this cow and we all know it. but they leased land that COP JUST LEASED AS WELL..........AT VASTLY HIGHER PRICES THAN ROYL. you know that means royl assets appreciated already,,,,just by virtue of COP . now if we turn out to be sitting on 100,000 acres of liqid gold, texas tea............then this is multibagger. the report will be published late........and it wont be outstanding to say the least..........but how will the market respond is the unknown variable. i think mkt might accumulate royl sh here @ $2/sh. some folks looking for 1.25 entry or 1.50/sh entry...........but who can call a bottom ?? no one.

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