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  • beachdan1234 beachdan1234 Apr 16, 2013 11:24 PM Flag

    Shorts make me closing in 5 weeks worth $8-$11

    They type all garbage..These acres in the North Slope are priceless..Bye Bye Shortie !

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    • Well, I think this stock is now being watched, if not traded, by a lot of big traders after the big news. Just look at the volumes.

      It's definitely a battleground now and dangerous to stay short overnight. Any new big trader could coming in anytime at this price range to take the stock a lot higher.

      The truth of the matter is that the lower it gets pushed, the more traders will buy and hold. In essence, shorts are digging their own graves, but they just don't know yet.

      I suspect today is the bottom.

    • my shares cannot be loaned out...............
      i dont understand the folks who seem surprised by earnings was clearly foreseeable and expected. to not look forward on the positive prospects of this company is what separates the naysayers from the entities that are obviously accumulating long positions today. good luck to all retail players in this rigged casino.

    • And they just reported POSITIVE cash flow!

    • im assuming some bashers here simply want to depress pps for a lower entry price.
      the just released financials were not surprising to me.........basically what i expected.
      im holding til the may 30th deadline.
      the royl press release as to the signed LoI was specific as to material elements of the yet to be finalized jv agreement. im betting this is not fabricated fraudulent press release by the hosmer family. SEC is currently gung ho on putting fraudsters in jail. im betting this deal going to be inked by may 30th.
      no doubt the 2012 year end was ugly with capital letters. no doubt the posters spewish nonsense about "delisting" were full of #$%$ doubt bankruptcy talk for 2013 is a fallacy.
      the earlier $4.50/sh pps on royl was cut back by the marketplace to $2/sh based on the reduction in well output. this info has been well known for long time and this recent financial statement was wholly foreseeable and expected. looking forward to see if may 30th deadline results in a done deal. if yes, royl mkt cap will rise notably. if identity of joint venture partner is a top tier oil corp such as COP......... then im gonna be sitting on a pile of profit. if joint venture falls through, i made a losing bet. not that complicated. joint venture press release stated final contract is to be consummated before or by may 30th, 2013.
      my analysis assumes the hosmer family has been keeping this sick cow alive to keep milking the cow for cash. that said,, the hosmer family may just have hooked a big fish with light weight fishing line. question is, can the hosmers successfully reel in this big fish and land it on the boat royale. the long term posters on this mb, by and large , imo,, are good folks who have legitimate perspectives. i appreciate their contributions to the mb . im no hosmer fan. but state of alaska wants royl corps alaskan acreage to be developed asap. thats my bet.

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