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  • hopefullylong hopefullylong May 13, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    Why Can't h_grant_h Find Shares To Buy? With The Dilution That Will Come With The Announcement, There Are Lots Of Sellers.

    The partnership deal will lay out the terms of the dilution. All the hype about being long and making a killing in stock appreciation is all about the 24 to 36 month time frame, AND if the exploratory wells produce good results.

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    • What the F are you talking about, there is no dilution in the deal.

    • 1) hopefull/woeful...........your caption acknowledges that the joint venture deal WILL BE FINALIZED- thats a change from bash posts asserting jv deal will never occur,,, its fictitious, illusionary, diversionary.......
      2) the vote to expand quantity of outstanding shares is scheduled to occur in late june (vague recollection by me) which is after the may 30th deadline as to jv deal. so, im not confident about your assertion regarding dilution being recited by 5/30/13 in the joint venture finalized agreement. (just imo).
      3) there are plenty of shares to purchase........right now they are selling for approx $2.89/sh......... not too long ago they were selling approx $2/sh............. lets see what cost of a share is as we approach 5/30/13 deadline.
      4) i believe, strongly, that much of is being done by folks somehow affiliated with royl insiders who have inside information. this company is run basically by a series of family members.......and with such few outstanding shares.......... the trading environment is ripe for improper stock action. legit retail players are at a massive disadvantage, imo. the royl longtime posters who have seen the hosmers bad behavior over long period of time have made "their" points. but i personally put serious weight behind the fact that the hosmers acquired valuable alaskan acreage. and the valuation has appreciated as evidenced by conocophillips purchase price of same land area,,, as well as other corp actions on the north slope evidencing belief that the area has potential great valuation. its a crapshoot for me.

    • I didn't know you sat on the board,, to know all this LOL

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