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  • rowdyrodent_1995 rowdyrodent_1995 Jul 29, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    With all that..............

    propaganda by Rampart, there is still NO move, instead the stock is down. I think ROYL should keep their share holders informed like URZ which I told you about month ago!
    They got the financing, had a positive share holder meeting and also keeping every body informed about their progress with their email mailing list PR!
    That's how a company should communicate - and you see the results!
    String hope you sold half of your shares and bought URZ at around $1 - you would have already payback or hold till at least $3!!! If a buyout/merger takes place make this a 6-bagger!!!
    Good trading,
    Still no rain here and watering, 48F last nite and frost warning up north - crazy - after the 90s!!! But at least no flooding, like in many other places!

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Rowdy,

      i am assuming this is a rhetorical comment, as royl never communicates with its shareholders, with the the exception of announcing new megafinds like utah and alaska. i saw a couple large buy orders today. maybe another pr coming

    • Congrats rowdy with the nice urz move today

    • john.vigent Jul 29, 2013 2:45 PM Flag

      check again. up over 5%, on no news that I can find.

    • rowdy.......get satellite tv and tune into the alaskan arctic 3.24 am/ your time zone you will see the hosmers and raymond shaw and torey marshall all walking about the frozen permafrost of the northslope........wearing parkas and riding moose for transport. if u read their lips you can discern the terms "gusher" and "omg can u smell that gas"........... lol

    • rowdy.......sincerely appreciate u having my best interests in mind. pls let me know what other stocks u like,,, going forward. i will post on occasion any new finds i discern. i did not get into urz, my friend. i've been involved in stocks that i've watched , very closely , for years, so i feel most comfortable trading them. i do allright with that approach. royl has been wholly new for me. also new 4 me was hsol which i scooped up @ .99/sh only months ago......intend to sell it imminently if not sooner . im very keen on arna (obesity pill) which has massive shortinterest and i look for exponential growth in product along with textbook defn of shortsqueeze. i've bagged pounds of delicious stringbeans and cukes, so far, and my favorite is the acorn squash which i expect to harvest late aug/sept. other stuff as well.........and as u say,,,,im watering daily in this dry spell. just received , in store change, a very fine conditioned quarter dated 1917 canadian. its 80 % silver and bears king george. im teaching my nephews coin collecting as hobby. we go to bank for rolls of coins to sift thru. month ago my brothers wife stuck her hand into the dunkin donuts tip jar and pulled out a nearly perfect conditioned 1864 standing liberty us dime..........i think its worth approx 60-80 bucks, lol. she learned to be on the lookout from her kids. ok.......good luck 2 u,,, but good health most importantly.

      • 1 Reply to stringandtwocups
      • string......right now I am not doing this "full time any more", trading/holding 20+ stocks as I used to, made my/our money in our 4 trading accounts! (On the tube @ 7:30CST and off at 3:30CST with research later)
        It's too late to recommend ETFC and ING to you (which I am currently holding since the $6s to $7s respectively), which I kept posting for about 1 Year about!
        I would like you to take a look at the whole nuclear power picture - especially Japan and China, make a list of: ccj cxz dnn uec urre useg usu urz and stay in "the game"!
        URZ is a highly prospect to merge/buyout by CCJ, the largest Canadian miner in WY, neighbor if URZ, plus URZ is using CCJs final processing plant till their own is finished! URZ has already 2 locked in contracts for their product @ hedged prices.
        USU is a day traders dream.
        I got a pension and IRA, she got a great IRA where she could load up on the stock option plan of IPG she departed from, we sold the holdings with JP Morgan and re-bought IPG in Nov. last year 17500 shares @ $9.75 (set limit) and looking to convert back into cash - any day now for limit $19.50 - also the Div's are/were good! (Enjoy all the money before we can't)
        Right now our attn. is to sell the property in MPLS, MN where I am writing you from now, before we go back to Hudson, WI! - it's like flying from Africa to Austria and only a 36 mile trip!!!
        When we retired our co workers said that we will be busier then we ever thought - they were right and the paper work never ends!
        I wish you well and hope you can make some cash - and happy gardening!

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