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  • emperor_of_earth emperor_of_earth Aug 5, 2009 12:39 AM Flag

    Have you made money with this fund?

    I'm curious: have any long-term holders of CAIBX made money off this fund? I'm not talking about the hypothetical $10K example. I'm talking about us investors who are relatively new to this fund but are in for the long-term, seeking reassurance from long-term holders that this fund does make money for us. I know past performance won't indicate future performance. Your thoughts?

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    • i have purchased this fund on two different occassions. once when it was at 53 bucks in 2007 and second time at 36 bux 2 years ago. i have seen this fund go for over 80 bucks. its a slow but steady moving fund. its good to buy diffeent things but that whole 10k investment its just to small you would want to invest more. dividends are pretty good and steady once it breaks 60 per share u will see a rise in the december dividend.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This a dog....suggest prpfx,vwelx, and vwinx. Check their 10 year stats...and run..dont walk.

    • cpcottrell Feb 3, 2012 10:30 AM Flag

      This fund is not very good. My finacial advisor should be shot for recommending this fund. I have had it for four years now and this past year was not very good. The return % was bad, very bad.

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      • If someone shoots your advisor, can you get them to shoot mine too?

        IMHO the window of opprtunity with most of american funds was 2000-2007. I bought $100K of AFs, 5 funds 20k each in 7/2006 including this one so I only had to pay 3.5% front load, but all in all they have been dogs. I lquidated about 35% of them in 2010. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the rest now. I've still got capitol loss carryovers to cover me for 2012 plus a little for 2013. Actually this fund this fund has done a little better (or should say less worse) than the others I have.

    • No money on the original investment, but it pays div. last 4Q's of about 1.90$. The fund is too expensive now, I would look at the profile, then make your decision. The expense ratio is OK, but again I'm not all that happy. If had it to do over.... Make your own judgment on buy or pass. You might keep looking for a less expensive fund

    • CAIBX, AMECX, CWGIX, AHITX, ABNDX and Money Market. I have moved between these funds since 1998. When in doubt, AHITX always has great dividends. When 10 year Treasury yield tops 3.50% shift towards ABNDX or Money Market. When 10 year Treasury yield goes below 2.60% shift towards CWGIX. Hold CAIBX and AMECX unless they become to volatile, if so, shift half to AHITX.

    • this is a good fund also i got a bond fund i recently bought under the american fund not bad for a retirement plan lolol

    • yes i have made money before the crash in 08 then bought back more shares in 09 depending on how many shares u have if u have alot of shares u can make, this fund can easily go to 80 per share no problem

    • Value is rising steady, and it spits out 4% yearly.
      Better than the bank.

    • Yes.its keeps giving great div. And allows me to take cash out and it go s back up. I had this fund for about 4 years

    • I owned this fund and cwgix for 10 plus years. This fund was pushed hard by my smith barney financial advisor. I was dumping in 300 per month. Last year i fired my broker and went solo. After much studying I sold both and was checking the price today to see if there was any improvement, there is'nt. It was a safe stock during some bumpy times but it did not make the money it once did while the market florished. I have been investing in ETF's and I am extremely happy, not all have been homeruns but i'm still up about 13 percent if I was still with SB. I also don't miss those yearly fees. that really was my reason for leaving my broker I lost 87k on paper in 2008 yet they still charged me 150 total for my 3 accounts to manage, nice job huh?

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