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  • johnnyweeweesandrobinfunkle johnnyweeweesandrobinfunkle Jun 30, 2004 3:55 PM Flag

    prison songs

    That's the sound of the men workin' on the chain gang

    well, i'm back on the chain gang

    there ain't no good on an evil hearted woman
    and i ain't cut out to be no jessie james
    and you don't go stealing king cobra down at 7-11
    and there ain't no good chain gang

    he's in the jailhouse now

    i turned 40 in prison doin' life without parole (25 to life acutally)
    no one could steer me right but robin tried robin tried
    robin tried to teach me better
    but his pleading i denied
    that leaves only me to blame cause robin tried

    they put them handcuffs on me
    lord how i fought to resist
    but they just clamped 'em tighter
    till that metal bit into my wrist
    they took my belt and my billfold
    my fingerprints and a profile of my face
    and then they locked away
    the only hell my mama ever raised
    and i sing precious memories
    take me back to the good old days
    i can hear my mama saying
    rock of ages cleft for me
    she tried to turn me on to jesus
    but i turned on to the devils ways
    and i turned out to be
    the only hell my mama ever raised

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    • The 10 remaining judges? Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Wapner, Judge Mills Lane, Judge Marilyn Milyan (sp?), Judge Jerry Schindlen, Judge Lance Ito, ahh, seven of them anyway? How about Judge Robin Donald, Judge Desert Hawk and Judge Johnny Weewees?

    • To put it short, Robin Donald is the false prophet of Revelation. He is the reincarnation of Harry Houdini.

    • And these people that were supposed reincarnated feel above it all. I wrote to one lady that said her son had a daughter (in a past life)....The kid was 3 at the time..And he said "ka ching, ka ching, I had a daughter"...or something like that..Their stories are really learn alot from reincarnated people..(When they are not letting their children drown, for a past another life.)

    • You are correct on that, he was clairvoyant also..

      But you mention about reincarnation very often. You know that the Bible states you live once, and then the judgement.

      I am wondering if the people that believe they have lived before, are possessed..The Devil is the "Great Deceiver", as we know. (I wrote to a few of these people, and nastier people you will not find. I was curious of their background.)They couldn't care less about me, if they are reincarnated people, I don't want to be reincarnated. Those people can just keep dying, over and over..

      Read of Maria Simma, she has been blessed (on the internet,many of her writings..)

    • Good Morning Mr. Donald,


      I'm quite spiritual, and I do attend a Roman Catholic Church. However, I think the truth of how the universe was created, how we came to be on this earth and whatever our purpose may be is still a matter to be studied further.....

      Have a great day!


    • Hi Mr. Donald,

      Thanks for taking the time and effort to explain. Yeah, I agree mutual suicide is probably what it will come to.


    • Arnold Schwarzeneggar does not plan to kill anybody. He is not the reincarnation of anybody. Where do you get your information. Do you invent this yourself? Sources, please! Arnols Schwarzeneggar is a great governor. Billy Graham is a great evangelist. You are a certified nutcase!

      Please bring 2 pagans into the Southern B
      aptist Church
      There is reward for you in Heaven
      God bless you

      Mr. Desert Hawk
      The land of irrigation canals


      That part is true, but what did your racist country, "Malaysia" do? And where do they stand now?

    • Lie of the devil..lie of the pope.......

      if you read of maria simma..she has the rare charisma of speaking with souls,(verified by departed family members, of her veracity. She lives a life of poverty, contributing all her money to charity..the souls have told her 'you live but once'..

      unlike these 'new age phonies' that are raking in money for their own personal aggrandizement!!!!!!

    • And the pope believes in reincarnation..he is supposed to uphold the sanctity of the bible..i hope the pope comes back as a salmon, being that he likes to eat them so much!!!!!

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