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  • d_fens_usa d_fens_usa Feb 28, 2005 10:45 PM Flag

    Won't go below $35

    Great franchise selling at a premium compared to its publishing peers. Now shifting more into online advertizing. Buying Opportunity's ticker symbol = NYT.

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    • After all I wrote, you tell me I am vain for wanting to be remembered and valued..

      And also my parents, my brother's wife could not care less about pictures of them either..

      Interestingly, a few men give me the same answer you gave...Pretty naive to not appreciate the value of the picture for posterity and to disrespect a family member like that...anyway, it's over...I was fooled, but I hope to get justice..My sister-in-law spouts religion, so she roped me in for a long time..

    • It has nothing to do with vanity..

      It has to do with the fact that my sister-in-law disparaged my worth..

      She values and cherishes pictures of her children, her grandchildren..but not me?

      When she visits with my brother, I ask to take some pictures with him (as they don't live by me)..and she ignores me..

      As I said, beware of family members also..It was a lesson that I learned the hard way..but a valuable one!!

    • narcissism can be very destructive, n'est pas

    • It could, but support starts showing up in the $35 1/2 to $33 1/2 range (per the chart). We should at least get bounces off this level. I would say its extremely unlikely we'll break $30, but we could easily go down a little more to test these support levels. Most of the pain has already been inflicted though.

    • Perhaps the lesson I learned, the hard way, is not to necessarily trust family.

      Your Mother and Dad, more times than not, will love you, but other family members...I would no longer look for it..I smartened up, especially when I saw my sister-in-law give me the shaft and try not to believe I even exist by never photographing me...while proclaiming religiosity...Not only me, my previous Mom and Dad..That will not do.

      And when I asked for a picture of the new grandchild..the "religious person" hangs up on me..I gave $100,and that's the way I am treated? My nephew shafted me too, by not sending me a picture. She is probably upset with me because I finally told her her birthday cards to me were terrible..mocking me..(hair falling out, teeth, etc)..My Brother thought they were "humorous"...

      Well, I will get justice, she is never to contact me again. Would you, after getting hung up on? All the while talking about God and going to Church..None of them, I believe, anymore..

    • Being that you are a father, I would like your opinion..

      I found out that my niece and nephew, (niece through marriage) NOT have a picture of my parents in their home..

      I wrote her and said:"You could not find a place to put a picture of my parents?" Yet she sends me pictures of her children all the time..I feel like placing them in a drawer and showing them the respect that was shown my Mother and Father...(But I feel guilty doing it...)

    • When you think of it, if something is objectionable for a young person, why shouldn't it be objectionable to me, a grown woman?

      Aren't we all supposed to be childlike to obtain the Kingdom of Heaven?

    • A lot of things I find objectionable.

      For instance, I threw my sister-in-law out of my home because she doesn't like to take pictures of me, yet she takes hundreds of her children..

      My Mom and Dad didn't raise a nothing..

      Screw her...She did this to me once too often..

    • societal standards and what one individual ( Muslim or not ) thinks is appropriate are two very different things. If I were an owner of a topless bar, I would think that pictures of naked women having sex with each other as a billboard advertising was a great idea. If I had to drive my 9 yr. old son by that board I might think differently. Somehow I get the feeling that you ( and this decadent society we live in ) would find hardly anything objectionable.

    • You are correct. It is selling at a premium to its peers while at the same time it doesn't have the kind of diversification in the revenue stream that say Scripps has. You are again probably correct that the price should stabilize in here but it will be a long long time before it reaches its 2000 highs of $50. With the dividend being what it is I am not sure that NYT is the best investment available.

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