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    Chinese Non-nuclear Lethal Weapons (1)

    Chinese Non-nuclear Lethal Weapons and Its National Military Strategic goal

    by Zhang Hongbao

    Table of Contents

    Preface The significant divulgence of information by Chi Haotian, former Minister of National Defense and Xiong Guangkai, Deputy-General-in-Chief of the Peoples Liberation Army (herein after referred to as the PLA)
    Chapter 1 Conjecture from outside the Chinese Military
    Chapter 2 What are China��s non-nuclear lethal weapons?
    2.1 Counter-deducing from China��s National Military Strategic Goals to find out what kind of non-nuclear lethal weapons China needs.
    2.1.1 Who is really in control of China today?
    2.1.2 Jiang Zemin��s personal ambitions and his manner of extricating himself from the range of crises that he faces from all sides determine the direction of China��s National Military Strategy.
    2.1.3 Jiang Zemin��s subjective and objective conditions guide the research models of non-nuclear lethal weapons.
    2.2 The three fatal weapons that will be used to eliminate the two point six billion population of the United States and its friendly countries and allies without resorting to nuclear weapons.
    2.2.1 Space non-nuclear lethal weapons---large-scale outer space power outage technology.
    A. What do the unprecedented large-scale power outages in the United States and its allies demonstrate?
    B. Zhang Wannian, deputy chairman of central military committee and Xiong Guangkai, deputy-general-in-chief of PLA divulged a vital secret.
    2.2.2 Earth non-nuclear lethal weapons----man-made Earthquakes and Tsunamis
    A. Jiang Zemin Was the First to divulge China��s man-made Earthquake Weapons.
    B. Numerous suspicious points about September 21 Earthquake in Taiwan
    C. Enlightenment from the Indian Ocean Tsunami
    2.2.3 Human non-nuclear lethal weapons---supernatural abilities application in military affairs
    A. History and current situations of Chinese extraordinary ability��s research
    B. Reemergence of thousand year magic arts
    C. Supernatural ability will definitely be used as lethal weapons for world domination.
    Chapter 3 Leave the deduction of military games to reader


    The significant divulgence of information by Chi Haotian, former Minister of National Defense and Xiong Guangkai, Deputy-General-in-Chief of the Peoples Liberation Army (herein after referred to as the PLA)

    In 1999, Chi Haotian, former Minister of National Defense, stated at a conference held by the Institute of Commanders of General Staff of the PLA, ��The United States has aircraft carriers, and the most advanced B-1 stealth bombers, which we don��t have. However, we do have our own advanced weapons systems, and we are capable of performing ��lethal strikes against the United States��. (Tendency, April 1999)

    On March 10, 2004, Xiong Guangkai, deputy-general-in-chief of the PLA spoke at a diplomatic forum held at the Institute of Diplomats on the topic of the evolvement of new technology within the military. He stated, ��China is a developing country. We can��t yet compete with fully developed countries merely in terms of weapons systems. But the PLA��is capable of developing��powerful non-nuclear lethal weapons, he also hinted: China has already developed ultra-nuclear secret lethal weapons.

    The arrogant statements made by various high ranking official within the Chinese military at different times and places lead people to believe that this is not simply swashbuckling, it is more similar to what United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld put forward in a strategy report stating that: ��China is on the verge of an ��unpredictable�� military breakthrough��. (U.S. Department of Defense assessment)

    What then is meant by this ��unpredictable military breakthrough�� referred to by U.S. Government and non-nuclear lethal weapons claimed by China?

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    • Zhang Hongbao is a most wanted fugitive from China.

      Currently on trial in the United States for felony assault and rape against women.

      Convicted, he will be deported to face trial in China.

      There are many Chinese women and their families that are praying for justice.

      Perhaps, soon they shall have peace.

      This criminal is going back to China!

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