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  • beijingyank beijingyank Aug 5, 2005 3:59 AM Flag

    Bush & Jeffy Boy Gannon

    Sheesh, what a photo of the President. Makes your skin crawl.

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    • Yo DuPont, You're way behind the curve and croaking like a frog.

      The stock structure of this rag is an advanced Ponzi scheme. Management hold minority interest in the company but they have control of the board through special super voting stock. They in turn screw the majority shareholders by voting themselves raises, benefits, and other perks without concern of ever losing their jobs.

      The other poison pill has to do with the thousands of tons of heavy metals and other carcinogens this company has dumped in landfills without cost or care of ever having to clean it up.

      One day, when Chertoff's relative is no longer a big mucky muck at NY's EPA, specializing in public water quality and safety, the Slimes will be hit with a big law suit to clean it up.

      The company makes sure the balance sheet is junk. They got a couple of tens of millions in cash and 1.3 billion in debt.

      This company is no watch dog for the public. If forced to clean up the cancer, these con criminals file for bankruptcy, sell the house, have a yard sale, clean out the bank deposits and retire to a beach in Israel.

    • I still don't understand why a Yahoo or Google doesn't buy this venerable property up. It would pump up Google as the number one search if they made the New York Times archives free and searchable assuring that they keep their search marketshare. AskJeeves and the other players could make small incursions otherwise. And a Yahoo needs the content. I don't get why NYT hasn't been bought yet?

      Any opinions on this

    • Yeah, remember Hinkley? Good friends of the family Bush. No doubt a conspiracy theory.

      Inside trading with Bush dumping stock just before bad earnings come out. No doubt, a conspiracy theory.

      Bush selling cocaine? Conspiracy theory.

      Bush AWOL, conspiracy theory.

      Bush steals the election, conspiracy theory.

      No bid Halliburton contracts, conspiracy theory.

      8.8 billion dollars Iraq reconstruction fund lost, conspiracy theory.

      White House staff on cipro antibiotics one month before e first anthrax strike, conspiracy theory.

      911 insider trading profits going through financial organizations stuffed with CIA representation, conspiracy theory.

      Bush the drunk, conspiracy theory.

      Bush good buddies with OBL and his family, conspiracy theory.

      Bush good friends with Larry King, child pimp, conspiracy theory.

      It is a good thing "Fyou's" girl friend Bella Abzug is dead cause she would be having a heart attack and a stroke at the same time.


      Hague smayge...don't look for Sharon and DC neocon puppets to meet in Brussels anytime soon. Or should I say "AC/DC" neocon puppets.

      "200 times" this prostitute was in the President's "private" apartment? Sheesh...there is no debate he checked out the back door.

    • By Sherman H. Skolnick

      "...A male prostitute, Jeff Gannon, a reputed journalist, attended George W. Bush press conferences, apparently without having been cleared by the Secret Service and the FBI. Gannon asked Bush "soft ball" questions. There is reaon to believe that "Gannon" is actually Johnny Gosch who disappeared or was kidnapped at age 12 and made part of a ring of teen age prostitutes arranged by pedophile Daddy Bush. Omaha. Chicago, District of Columbia.

      In recent years, on one-day passes, Gannon visited George W. Bush's White House apartment some 200 times, according to U.S. Secret Service records which do not note if Gannon left each time after one day.

      Available to one or more federal grand juries have been witnesses who support the contentions that Bush himself gave directly to Gannon data as to the deep cover secret role of Valerie Plame; and that Gannon reportedly proceeded to distribute such data to various mass media people and others."

      The look of love.

    • Wow! I'm still rotflmao looking at the "expressions" on Dubya's face!

      I read Jeffy had a habit of checking into the White House without checking out the front door!

    • You should see the "real" expression on Bush's face embracing Jeff Gannon.

      He's our boy, cause we got the negatives.

      Jump George! Sit George! Fetch George! Roll over George!

      Yepper, he is our boy toy!

    • wow pretty creepy when you think Kerry won the gay vote.

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