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  • rockislandswimmer rockislandswimmer Feb 3, 2007 9:18 AM Flag

    Is Hillary still married to Bill?

    Do they even live in the same house?

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    • As we recently learned,the vast right wing conspiracy is alive and well,at least,according to Hildebeast.On the up side,Billie Joe is allowed access to Wendys where he has demonstated an acute need for lots of hamburgers and french fries.She is telling reporters how cute she looks so all the indoctrinated women will blindly vote for her,simply because she is a woman.Meantime,BO is being relentlessly hounded by her hit squads for any transgressions of his which may have occured in the last 45 years.After all,he paid his way over due parking tickets.Hildebeast has been taking voice lessons to improve on her phoney southern drawl so the unwashed masses will gladly identify with her and willingly get screwed by her Stalinist policies.Otherwise,she and Billie Joe have a complete mis0understandinh about one another...................

    • Hilldebeast deserves to be president because she lives with Bill and she deserves it as she had to live in Arkansas all because of him......also...the vast right wing conspiracy has picked on her...incessantly and that just is not nice...all women s/b voting for her for she is a least...supposedly....women s/b voting for women...forget about issues.....who cares about that....????she s/b coronated or at least beatified.....Billy Bob???what a joke..Im not going there....other wise,they have a special understanding....

    • Bill is so funny.

      Liberals gave him a "pass" the other day!

    • She beats him at every opportunity and blames the vast right wing conspiracy for mocking her phoney southern accent in Selma,Alabama as she pretends to be southern and then beats the crap out of any pollster that tells her BO is winning the heARTS OF THE PEOPLE...THERE ARE NO MINDS INVOLVED AS ANYONE WHO WOULD VOTE FOR EITHER ONE HAS NO MIND TO BEGIN WITH......Lately,Billie Bob has been sighted more frequently at the local Wendys...stuffing himself with hamburgers and blaming the vast right wing conspiracy for being chunky.....but she remains the smartest woman in the world and especially NY as anyone who votes for her proves their intellectual deficiency.....

    • Sure Shillary is still married to America's #1 sleazebag pol, the same way NY Slimes reporting is "balanced" and "fair," with all the news deemed fit to print.......

    • Can you still be married to someone that doen't live in the same house as you?

    • Billie Joe has joined the vast right ring conspiracy which is aligned against her and BO is stealing the black vote from the lunatic based voters which make up her turn,she has veered further to the left and is demanding troop withdrawal by Sunday so she makes BO look like a weasel......meanwhile,edwards wants withdrawal by Tuesday and is still living in his 28,000 square foot house where he hopes to represent poor America....the lives of royalty!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What will the Clinton's do after they lose?

    • HAS formed a hit squad for BO who dared to take money from Geffen who was the former water boy for BJ bILLIE bOB....SO AT THE MOMENT...SHE IS BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF BJ EVEN MORE LATELY SINCE bo HAS REFUSED TO KISS HER ASS AND CORONATE HER ASAP......its so very complicated but royalty has its bad days....wait till the coronation when the smartest woman in the world<at least NY> WILL BE VINDICATED.....

    • Bill has been told to date Mary Palmer and her 5 friends.
      Just until he is able to hire more whitehouse interns.

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