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  • beijingyank beijingyank Aug 30, 2008 11:03 AM Flag

    Government is Rogue


    "After most air disasters, the wreckage of the planes is meticulously gathered up and pieced together in search of clues.

    Extraordinarily, in the course of removing the rubble from the Twin Towers to a nearby landfill site, the 9/11 salvage operation seems to have ‘lost’ four six-ton aircraft engines, besides failing to find the ‘black box’ flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders from either of the planes.

    These data boxes – which could have revealed exactly what happened in the doomed jets – are deliberately designed to withstand heavy impacts and exceptionally high temperatures. It is, according to experts, very rare for them not to be recovered after an accident."
    Dr. David Ray Griffin


    The government is rogue.

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    • Seven years, $70,000,000 of tax payer's money to investigate a blow job.

      Seven years, over 1,000,000 dead, over 4,000 American soldiers dead, Bush and Laura are "having a perfect day," and Nancy has impeachment off the table.

      The government is rogue!

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      • Griffin: Yeah, more than likely. But he claims that he got this call from Barbara, his wife, from Flight 77 but he was unclear. First he would say it was from cell phone and then he would say, well no it was from one of the seat back phones. And he’s gone back and forth. So, it turns out now we know that cell phone calls were not possible. So, that makes everybody say, well sure maybe she did it on airfones. It turns out that particular Boeing, American Boeing 757 that Flight 77 was, was not equipped with airfones. This was a stunning development.

        Blood: This was a stunning development. How come I haven’t heard that before, David?

        FBI court documents stae Barbara Olsen did not talk to her husband from her cell phone. The traitor syncophants claim she used the air phone.

        Guess again "Magic Fire," there were no air phones on flight 77.

        "Griffin: Because Roland’s book hasn’t got much attention. It’s a shame because it’s such a great book.

        Blood: So it only could have been done by cell phone. They had no in flight phones on 77. Is that what you are saying?

        Griffin: That’s right. And they checked and they double-checked and I quote all of their correspondence with American on that issue."


        Deal with it before someone in your family is "arkincided."

        The government is rogue!

    • Philip Goldberg arrived as US ambassador in Bolivia in 2006 he was booted out today.

      First they boot the Ambassador and then they will start taking pot shots at Joe Sixpack.

      Americans will learn not to travel. Thanks to Bush, nobody likes us. Oh and if the polic ask for $25,000 or you will be tortured in a foreign jail, pay it.

    • "The air is safe to breath and the water is safe to drink." EPA Whitman

      "Testing prompted by an Associated Press story that revealed trace amounts of pharmaceuticals in drinking water supplies has shown that more Americans are affected by the problem than previously thought — at least 46 million... Officials in one of those communities, Colorado Springs, say they detected five pharmaceuticals in all, including a tranquilizer and a hormone...While the comprehensive risks are still unclear, researchers are finding evidence that even extremely diluted concentrations of pharmaceutical residues harm fish, frogs and other aquatic species in the wild and impair the workings of human cells in the laboratory.

      And while the new survey expands the known extent of the problem, the overwhelming majority of U.S. communities have yet to test, including the single largest water provider in the country, New York City's Department of Environmental Protection, which delivers water to 9 million people.

      In April, New York City council members insisted during an emergency hearing that their drinking water be tested. But DEP officials subsequently declared that "the testing of finished tap water is not warranted at this time."


      "The air is safe to breath and the water is safe to drink." You feeling lucky New York?

      The government is rogue!

    • "On the anniversary of 9/11, an Italian-produced documentary called ZERO, investigating the tragedy, is opening in Russia. The authors believe that the U.S. official version of events surrounding the attacks can't be true. U.S. networks have rejected the film."

      U.S. mainstream media have rejected the film because they are collaborators to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

      The Hague is rising! Mainstream media will get an invite.

      I do hope the neocons obtain a fair trial before "arkincides" begin to happen in their ranks.

      You know it is overdue.

    • Go home to Moscow you commie!

    • Stop smoking crack Ivan, you'll go blind!

      By the way how is Comrade Putin?

      Boycott the Joos at the New York Times!

    • "William C. Patrick III, top U.S. bioweapons expert...'It’s high-grade. It’s free flowing. It’s electrostatic free. And it’s in high concentration. It appears to have an additive that keeps the spores from clumping.'

      Dr. Byron Weeks, a former Air Force doctor and retired colonel 'Yes, of course it was weaponized anthrax. There's no question. Dr. John Ezzell, a top expert who has published some 60 articles on anthrax, tested the letter and concluded that, in his many years of researching anthrax, he had never seen anthrax spores so potent. Dr. Ezzell characterized the anthrax in the Daschle letter as being "weaponized." Indeed, the anthrax spores were so potent that, when Dr. Ezzell opened the Daschle letter to test it, some of its contents aerosolized instantly.'"


      Somebody is lying. The FBI is saying the Anthrax was not weaponized.

      "Yet bureau officials and scientific experts acknowledged that they have not resolved all the intricacies of the bacterial powder that killed five people, sickened 17 and set off a national panic after it showed up in the U.S. mail at various locations along the East Coast after the Sept. 11 attacks.

      "I don't think we're ever going to be able to put the suspicions to bed. There's always going to be a spore on the grassy knoll," said Vahid Majidi of the FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate" http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/08/18/AR2008081802174.html

      This is a repulsive comment coming from an Indian American, no doubt a good friend of the American Indian that led the NIST cover-up sham. The statement is enough to make anyone angry knowing the FBI was involved with the JFK hit and they still are getting away with it. The truth over the years has been revealed when discovering the FBI lies about the JFK case.

      These incompetents have the brass-monkey balls to admit their special quality,
      "Investigators have never found the letter, sent to a Florida tabloid newspaper that claimed the first victim, photo editor Robert Stevens."


      The enemy is inside the Beltway!

      The government is rogue!

    • Fannie and Freddie

      "The result was a company whose managers engaged in one questionable maneuver after another, including two transactions with investment banking firm Goldman Sachs Group Inc. that improperly pushed $107 million of Fannie Mae earnings into future years. The aim, OFHEO said, was always the same: To shape the company's books, not in response to accepted accounting rules but in a way that made it appear that the company had reached earnings targets, thus triggering the maximum possible payout for executives including Raines, Howard and others."


      Confucius summed it up best. When the leaders are liars, murdering scum, the populace will do the same.

      Here's another scumbag. Grasso, former NYSE head, $180 million in benefits and take a look at this picture, all smiley faced with the cocaine cowboys in Colombia. http://www.dissidentvoice.org/Articles/FittsSmugPug_files/image007.jpg

      When 90% of the people are anti war with Congress having an 8% approval rating, and the government will not listen to the will of the people, the government is rogue.

      Wake up people our government is fascist.

      Government is rogue!

    • "The Pentagon stood accused of sitting on a damaging report from its own auditors on a $108.4m (£56.6m) overcharge by Halliburton for its services in Iraq yesterday.
      In a scathing letter to George Bush, Democratic congressmen Henry Waxman of California and John Dingell of Michigan said the Defense Contract Audit Agency's audit was completes last October - before the election. They also note that 12 separate requests to the Pentagon to view the completed audits on the contractor's $2.5bn contract to supply fuel and other services in post-war Iraq had been ignored.
      "We would like to know why this audit report - and audit reports on nine additional task orders - are being withheld from Congress," they wrote.
      "We also want to know what steps you are taking to recover these funds from Halliburton...
      As the Congressmen note, the auditors criticized charges in nearly every area, saying the firm misled auditors and failed to supervise sub-contracts. "Halliburton failed to demonstrate its prices for Kuwaiti fuel were 'fair and reasonable'," the auditors say. They also note Halliburton refused repeatedly to provide information on costs of obtaining fuel from Turkey and Jordan, or reveal how it selected its contractors in Kuwait." http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2005/mar/16/iraq.usa1

      War profiteering in times of war is punishable by death.
      Say goodbye to the mansion in Dubai Cheney. Your baby killing days are almost over. Patriots are coming for you with a rope!

      Government is rogue!

    • Are you on the Terror list?

      "One chilling comment from an airline security spokesman: "Once you're on the list, there's no way to get off it."

      How wonderful the neocons have subverted America. Say goodbye to innocent until proven guilty. Say hello to Chertoff, double passports, hijacking of the nation and the fleecing of America!

      The government is rogue!

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