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  • poordumbbastard poordumbbastard Oct 20, 2008 5:11 PM Flag

    500 Architects and Engineers want new 9/11 Investigations

    Molten iron in the basements--what caused it?
    The government can't explain it.

    Jet fuel can not melt steel.

    Asymmetrical fires can not cause symmetrical

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    • Please take a look at the work 500 Architects and Engineers. In the 9/11 truth universe, in December of 2007, Thomas Kean and others of the 9/11 Commission, asserted that the CIA impeded the commission's investigation by withholding evidence of various sorts. I have learned that all the towers that failed have all 15 of the characteristics of a controlled demolishment: sudden onset of destruction destruction occurring at near free-fall pace destruction followed path of greatest resistance 20-ton steel columns ejected laterally up to 500 ft. blast waves blew out windows in buildings 400 ft. away 118 first responders report explosions at onset of destruction numerous eyewitness reports of flowing molten metal in the rubble mid-air pulverization of concrete with outward arching plumes rapid expansion and pyroclastic flow of enormous dust clouds squibs: explosive ejections below impact zone total dismemberment of steel core column structures 1200 ft. diameter symmetrical debris field chemical evidence of thermate on steel and in dust samples FEMA steel analysis: sulfidization, oxidation, and intergranular melting no precedent for steel frame high rise collapse caused by fire These are the engineering and architectural facts behind the failure of building 7 that suggest overwhelmingly a controlled demolition. " The NIST report was a poor cover-up. There are only a few experts on Thermate in the world and lo and behold a cluster was found on the NIST board. They did a poor job on the cover up. The mainstream media is in collusion on playing dead and not doing their job of exposing the corruption. The U.S. is under occupation by a rogue government made up of Rockefeller and a cabal of inbred oligarchs, CIA, Military Industrial Prison Complex, all buddies up with zionists in media, law, and education, and The Fed. Put the cherry on the cake, we will soon have a former CFR member and illegal alien as President of the U.S. and a mossad agent as his Chief of Staff. I keep scratching my head, why the bullets are not flying. There is clear overwhelming scientic proof 911 was an inside job. Only The Hague can route them out. If not, it's time to look at the Declaration of Independence.

    • Then there is the mystery of Barry Jennings death. The criminals in control are very dangerous psychopaths.

      Notice mainstream media take a powder and lay down and play dead. It's typical of the criminal collusion artists.

    • There is always the Fulford option.

      Fulford claims the oligarchs are only a few thousand in number and recommends a "night of the long knives." You might not get all of them, but it will WAKE THEM UP and they would change their ways!

      The Gandhi approach is to educate the public and wake them up before the oligarchs send the pale horse and kills most everyone like the Spanish Flu.
      (Remember the Bush inner circle of neocons going on Cipro just before the Anthrax attack?)

      It's scary. The growth in the economy is found in government, prisons, military supplies and equipment, law enforcement, with test tubes and lab animal galore for bio weapon research and development.

      It's not so easy waking a public up drinking public water, fluoride in the water/tooth paste, and dumb yourself down TV and mainstream media.

      A big plus would be to learn the lessons of the prohibition and take the profit out of drugs. This 800 billion dollar industry is being run and controlled by the CIA for the oligarchs. Take the profit out and employ doctors not prisons. This would hurt the ruling gangsters. No need to kill babies in Afghanistan or spend lavishly by ordering new weapons and personnel for the military/prison complex.

      Rockefeller and Rothschild’s obscene wealth built on theft, lies, and crimes must be seized. Their seized fortunes would be a good day for mankind.

      People would find new hope and actually believe in justice if people could talk to the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s of this world, at the plastic clown located at the drive thru at McDonalds.

      Killing cops, burning down cities, bombs in the streets is not the way to go. Surgical strikes with extreme prejudice has advantages.

      Gandhi would object and push for Russia and China to collaborate with Patriots in seeing that neocon Bushniks get a fair war crimes trial at The Hague.

      Think of ways to take away their money! The oligarchs are famous for coming up with bailouts to take yours! Take away their money and the tune changes for the better.

      Figure a way to take away the slush fund Black Eagle Trust that is in the oligarch’s hands and return it to the rightful owners.

      These are just a few ideas being discussed. The oligarchs are preparing for violence as the economic situation gets worse. The people lose if they shoot cops. Magic bullet for Rothschild’s and Rockefellers are gaining strength in the discussion.

      All I can say is fasten your seatbelt we are in for a bumpy ride.

    • tactics / strategies..... care to share ?

    • The mainstream media is owned by the military industrial complex. The zionist magic bullet, Jack Rubinstein gatekeepers are in kahoots. Throuw in the CIA, FBI Rockefeller, The Fed, zionist AG and "Lucky Larry" friend, you finally can put things into perspective. We are a nation under occupation. And the next President, fresh from Rockefeller's CFR, is an illegal alien.

      It's all about opium and oil. The oligarchs are imploding the economy a stealing at a record rate. As far as you are concerned, they look at you as a "worthless eater," and one to take advantage of. It's not their fault you are so fvcking stupid to put two and two together.

    • who cares if it's an inside job , new york scum deserves to die.

    • The 9/11 widows had 300 questions. They got 27
      answers. Why don't the widows deserve answers?

    • Not a trace of 50% of the victims have been found, nimrod. That's even after they discovered the bone dust on the top of the roof of the Deutsch Bank Building accross the street.

      It wasn't a gravitational collapse that evaporized 50% of the victims. So what was it?

      Take a look at the cancer cluster within the area and 911 rescue workers to get a clue.

    • "pyroclastic" is the wrong word. If it was pyroplastic the people running away in the street and enveloped by the cloud would have turned to dust from the heat.

      The give away explosives were used came with Dr. Jones' study and the dust size of micron particles.

    • news in Spain:

      Points the story covered:

      A steel structure can not fall at near-freefall speed without the destruction of its supporting columns.

      500 architects and engineers demand a new investigati on into the attacks of Sept. 11 in which the towers of the World Trade Center in New York fell in the eyes of the entire world.

      9/11 has threatened "civil liberties of Europeans and has increased surveillance state".

      The "sudden and spontaneous" collapse is impossible w ithout a controlled demolition. Many witnesses testifie d of explosions a second before the start of collapse .

      There was "a massive pyroclastic cloud" and tons of m olten metal found later in the cellar.

      Chemical traces of the high-tech incendiary "thermite " were found in the debris and dust.

      Many media knew about the collapses before they occur red. The BBC announced the demolition of an adjacent bu ilding [ WTC 7 ] minutes before it took place.

      A simple collapse should have made a tall pile of ste el.

      Columns were found hundreds of meters away, and human bone fragments appeared on the roofs of adjacent build ings.

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