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    The NY Times is excellent as a:
    1) Fish Wrapper
    2) Bird Cage Liner
    3) Puppy Training Floor Mat
    4) Wrapping Used Oil Filters
    5) Liberal Wall Paper
    6) Cuban and North Korean Wedding Gifts
    7) Cuban Toilet Tissue
    8) Chris Mathew's Tampon
    9) Mike Wallace's Coffin Liner
    10) David Letterman's Dildo of Choice!
    11) Nancy Pelosi's Panty Liner
    12) Chuck Schumer's Butt Plug
    13) Brian William's Bib
    15) Mike Bloomberg's Bed Sheets
    16) Andrew Cuomo's Executive Summary
    17) Liberal Bias Sheet
    18) A Ditty Rag
    19) To Serve Up Hot Used Dog Food To Hungry Libs...
    200 North Vietnamese Floor Mats

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