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  • conservativesrule Jan 1, 2014 1:13 PM Flag

    The only thing wrong with America is spelled O-B-A-M-A


    The only thing wrong with America is spelled O-B-A-M-A any questions now?
    The Obama Doctrine is to Wreck the Country We Love.
    Here is how Obama is accomplishing his Doctrine.
    1. Divide the country against each other with his sick class warfare and use of race card.
    2. Record deficit spend the taxpayers money running up biggest deficit spending by any President in History.
    3. Make Christians pay for Baby Killing Abortion and Birth Control in his utter failure Obamacare.
    4. Blame everyone else for his failed policies but the guy in the mirror.
    5. Make more and more people dependent on ever bigger government i.e.: Food Stamps, Welfare, Free Cell Phones, Rent Subsides, free Healthcare, Free College if your poor or correct color, and on and on with more government free stuff we cannot afford or pay for as a country.
    6. Spying on our best friends and losing their respect for the country they once looked up too for example.
    7. Supporting and giving taxpayer money to countries who hate us.
    8. Taking God out of everything he can in government to turn the USA into a God less Country.
    9. Bankrupting the country by spending more every year then the US Treasury takes in as Revenue.
    10. To date name one thing above Obama has not done if you can. That is his Doctrine to wreck our country. Sad to say he is doing a good job. In God we Trust.

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