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  • NOVA_7 NOVA_7 Jul 28, 1998 3:38 PM Flag

    Beware of Bridgestone/Firestone Companie

    If Tire station had done as we requested they
    would have told us about a leaking oil pan gasket and
    the bad transmission as well as the bad head. Claims
    authorized the work done up to inspecting the transmission
    but refused to fix the bad transmission. Yet if your
    mechanics at the Tire Station would have told us that along
    with a bad head it needed a transmission we could have
    returned the van to the seller and got our money back.
    Instead they assured me, my husband and a friend that the
    van was in good shape. I am distraught that any
    reputable business would behave in this manner. My husband
    and I expressly requested a full inspection of the
    van explaining that I travel long distance alone with
    my two young children. That we wanted to know any
    little or major thing wrong so we could either get the
    van fixed to a reliable condition or return it to the
    seller. Now because of Tire Stations negligence I am
    being left with an unreliable van. Your corporation is
    one of the largest in the nation and we felt that we
    could trust your station to do a good job. To ensure
    that we would have a reliable and trustworthy van in
    which to transport my children. Now I am unable to
    drive it unless in dire emergency for fear of a bad
    transmission that could leave me and my daughter age 7 and son
    age 6 on the side of the road. When I spoke with
    Michael Q. in the district office he asked me if I hadn't
    thought of returning the van to the sellers when the
    station reported the bad head to me. No I hadn't because
    I felt I was in good hands with your company. That
    you had qualified honest professionals working for
    you. I feel physically sick over this situation. If I
    could go back and take my van to a different company I
    would. Unfortunately for me and my family we trusted
    your employees to be honest with us. But now I have
    found that they are not honest. Even though we had
    asked them to check this by droping the pans to check
    for metal shavings etc. because we didnt' write it
    out ourselves we are now the losers. I will never
    again go to a firestone station. The trouble of this
    incident will not be forgotten by me or any of my family.
    Angela Bonick

12.01May 24 4:02 PMEDT