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  • balsski balsski Jan 15, 2014 1:49 PM Flag

    Now MFers turn

    Now the MFers come out with their opinion on Adept. Motley Fool Fools.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Another peasant dares to observe the emprorer is sans attire. Hmmm. The problem with trading on the bigger fool theory is that you eventually run out of bigger fools.

    • Why couldn't the MOTLEY FOOL at least wait until AFTER the Earnings Report in about 3 weeks? --- But NO, that would be conducting themselves in a "fair" manner - and reporting on the "actual" growth metrics of the company.

      In about 3 weeks, the Earnings Report may disclose to the market that the GROWTH PHASE is off and running. Today, BEFORE the Earnings Report, this FOOL SHILL JOURNALIST comes out with an over-valuation hit piece. WHAT IF Revenues, Earnings and Margins have exploded higher -- proving to the market that Adept Technology has entered a rapid-growth phase?

      Maybe Adept Technology is actually UNDERVALUED based upon Forward Growth? ...I really don't think the MOTLEY FOOL Shill Writer even has a clue -- nor does he care. An article like this is written by a "Shill Journalist" to try and lower the share price.

      I am not a "sucker" ( I AM NOT SELLING MY ADEP SHARES )....and I am not buying the Google Buyout Thesis ONLY. I believe Adept Technology is executing a "growth plan" in the context of a major turnaround -- and the market sees it. Also, I think the market likes CEO Mr. Rob Cain's straight-forward manner (no guidance given) -- and how he is executing the "growth plan". After this upcoming Earnings Report, I believe that ADEPT TECHNOLOGY will be standing on its own merits -- and will not be thought of only as a Google Buyout Target.

      OWN ADEPT TECHNOLOGY ( "ADEP") FOR THE LONG-TERM ( Ignore the Shill Journalism )

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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