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  • culhand2666 culhand2666 Nov 28, 2011 3:14 PM Flag

    The light at the end of the tunnel...

    is getting brighter with each passing day.

    When a company releases two seperate reports to the SEC confirming --


    You hang in there, the shorts have a finite shelf life left. In fact you could argue that at this point, if you were short, you would be foolish not to cover. Were coming off a massive selloff, fund managers arent going to lose 10's of thousands of dollars in year end bonuses because they are - temporarily down for the year.

    Year end "window dressing" is now underway.

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    • Window dressing is when funds sell their big losers and buy stocks that are up big fo the year... to try and have a "nice-looking window of stocks".

      This is likey to depress stocks that are down big for the year, temporarly.

      However, around Nov. 25 should have been the bulk of that type selling by funds. Individuals often sell losers to off-set winners thru the end of December but the funds are the big guns.

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      • Couldnt disagree more. My old post still holds true, you window dress a portfolio to show gains not losses.

        Their is light at the end of the tunnel, hydrocarbons are there, but it shouldnt take this long for a discovery annnouncement.

        I believe the stock will eventually work out fine, or else I wouldnt have bought it to begin with. Money has to be working for me, not sitting stagnant earning no interest or dividend. They were to have this report going on 5 months now!

        I know its a deep well they have had problems, but as the other gentlemen posted , , , , , will it now be Easter???

        Withe each passing , , , MONTH , , , it doesnt seem so far fetched.

        And believe me,,, I hope I am wrong.

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