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  • midasrahodeb midasrahodeb May 3, 2012 9:41 AM Flag

    Sheeple think about it.

    Well said . . .

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    • No - the institutions that purchased the stock and the warrants were short.

      Now they have warrants (which are a hedge to the short) they do not need to cover.

      The buying pressure - which was shortsellers who needed to cover - has gone.

      Effectively the instos covered TWO SHARES for $2 - because of the warrant.

      Some will have over-covered - and they will just sell the stock straight away - keeping the warrant as their protection.

      Mr Purple
      And I am back

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      • Yeah ... it was 12.00 a couple months ago.

        So what are the lawsuits going to do? Maybe get a court to take the case? Maybe recoup some losses for a few investors? Maybe.

        On the other hand, maybe they will strike Oil. And that is the gift that keeps on giving, because it is non-renewable. You use it once, then you gotta get more.

        (BTW: Talk about SHEEPLE = Oil consumption ... LOL! ... Go GOP go! Keep us hooked on OIL! LOL ... count on it ... BTW, if oil is so vital to our future, then why are the GOP-backed Oil companies spending billions on TV ads telling us how important Oil is to jobs, etc. If that were the case, then they wouldn't feel the need to throw so much money away trying to convince us, because we would already accept that as a given. Renewable energy R&D is Oil's worst nightmare, hence the TV ads. God forbid there should be a breakthrough ... vote GOP ... vote to squash alt energy R&D ... Oil forever! Good ole buds forever! Sheeple forever! LOL)

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