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  • midasrahodeb midasrahodeb May 14, 2012 3:56 PM Flag

    short squeeze coming ?

    Well those who shorted the equity at fairly low levels would be "squeezed," I suppose. The point is that for a stock as beaten as HUSA, the short interest isn't what one might think . . . In my opinion, HUSA's been seriously driven down by market forces as well as timing/administrative issues . . . Been watching, waiting and holding for a short while . . . My attraction? The Storm of Perfection, of course . . . : )

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    • not sure about market forces , it seems stock driven down intentionally . Step (1) -some bad news about Tamandua (2)insider sellind well below $2 (3)all of that gave the opportunity for somebody (friends , relatives)to get 6,2 m DPO shares at $2.12 (4)some good news and HUSA back to 5-10-15 dollars level

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