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  • jimi4158 jimi4158 Feb 14, 2013 2:36 PM Flag

    HUSA fate?

    what does the future hold for HUSA? Terwilliger holds nearly 8000000 shares. he purchased 350000 shares in dec 2012, pocket change to him, but why did he purchase? HUSA would have to rise an astounding 5500% to reach its 52 wk high. could there be hope for HUSA?

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    • "Terwilliger holds nearly 8000000 shares. he purchased 350000 shares in dec 2012, pocket change to him, but why did he purchase? "

      He purchased because it was the only way the company could fund another well. and because, as you noted, the outlay was just pocket change to him. HUSA has all but exhausted its financing options, so I guess Mr. T decided that the next well is on him. I'd like to thank him, but it's hard to be grateful when you've been wiped out.

    • nothing absolute ZERO.....very sad to see so many investors losing their money and I have lost as well. I don't want to be negative but there is nothing here to make it move upwards unless they hit a oil producing well which is a possibility though but the risk here is too much for the money.

    • Hope is there bet there is if your risking $ on hope.
      I have always held stocks only as an investor of the common.
      I know the joy being first invested & ride a stock up when the rest of the market wants on the bus.
      I know just as well the pain of watching my $650,000 investment bleed to death as an investor.
      I have learned much and still enjoy the markets education than i wanted as a trader of day, swing, clips, momentum, animal patterns, Fibonacci & Japanese candlestick even underground.
      I looked at HUSA and it is a all or nothing play.
      risk only the money in a position to win. if you do not see the potential then walk away.
      i will hold Husa and continue to add more avg up until my entry @$1.18.
      So hope is emotional.... the term Risk best describes HUSA
      Enjoy your Investments-

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I rode this stock from 7.5 to 0.27. Its not a long term stock. Be bold be brave take losses. Dead men dont walk only in imagination.

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      • it is a stomach wrenching ordeal to watch an investment become worthless. i have had my share and know your pain. i do not own HUSA, however i did research the company a year ago after its first big crash in march 2012. i dont recall too much abt my research, but i got side tracked and havent looked at it since then and was shocked to see where it is today. sorry for your loss on this one cap. hopefully your other investments are doing much better.

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