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  • joelwilson46 joelwilson46 Mar 30, 2013 2:00 AM Flag


    If it is such a good news, why would they release it after hour on Thursday. Knowing the market will be close on Friday, it just didn't sound right. I have read many upbeat comments, but action speaks louder I guess. We all going to see how investors react to it on Monday. But regardless of the outcome, I like the part when the ceo said " we still have $10 million in cash".

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    • The news release is lacking in many details ie is their previous Serrania block developement plans still intact and how much did we pay SK to release us? Disappointed in the fact we did not get anything for the CP04 block

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      • The serrania block plans are all properly disclosed
        in thier last presentation located on the web site.
        Sk as an Operator is a Losing Position.
        they allow huge over runs in cost of operations.
        SK overly limmits communication which ties up partners from normally reporting.
        SK is a train wreck and I would Not be suprised to see the ANH review thier Non producing
        Leases. Our release is still conditional upon approval let's hope we come out on top on that...
        Husa unless it becomes the operator has no final say. it is always best to be setup in the position they are now with well known past operator & proven drillers.
        these partnership are like a race engine hitting on all cylinders.
        all that is left is to sink the bit... :)
        I still think that once serrania kicks off once rev start flowing ,share price rises. should Anh
        not allow the break away we should have revenues to push thru the developmental mistakes
        of SK .... we are win win from here.....

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • what really counts here what does the invesment public in general think of this. The only way for this stock, or any stock for that matter, is more buyers and sellers. Does this generate demand for this stock?? They just got rid of half their acreage where they had a 3/8 royalty. They still have half left with a 1/8 royalty. Could the next well be successful and help the share price? Sure it could. The best thing to do in this scenario, is to sit and watch from sidelines. Wait and see what actually happens. You will miss the absolute bottom this way, but you will also miss all the downside risk.

    • It's better to let people digest the news rather than see mass panic.

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