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  • cropduster08 cropduster08 Mar 7, 2014 10:32 PM Flag

    HUSA is now 100% buy on Barchart

    I have always found the technical indicators informative and interesting, even though I put much more weight on the fundamentals. The Barchart website is probably my favorite site for the technicals. Let someone else figure it out and just give me the answer is my approach.

    Supposedly Barchart takes into account all of the technical indicators, to include short term indicators, medium term indicators, and long term indicators, and gives an opinion on all of them. And then it gives a composite recommendation. Take a look at their site. I don't remember ever seeing so much "green" on their recommendations. Every signal is "100% buy," every strength is "maximum," except for one which is average, and every direction is "strongest." Quite amazing. No doubt they all went max due to the 50% rise in the share price today to 59 cents. In any event, their overall average rating for HUSA is now 100% buy. OK, I'll take it.

    I also saw where we are up 2 cents in after hours to $.61. OK, I'll take that, too.

    And I guess everyone saw the press release that HUSA did at 1800 today saying the NYSE contacted them regarding unusual market activity and that HUSA said their policy is not to comment on unusual market activity. OK, I'll take that, also. But it wasn't clear to me whether they told the NYSE that it is their policy not to comment or whether they were telling the general public it is their policy not to comment. I can't imagine that they refused to talk to the NYSE about the trading today. They probably talked to them, but not to us.

    In any event, it was a good day at the races. The home team did good.


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    • What fundamentals do you use? I have been trying to learn to trade stocks off and on since 2002. I find the candlesticks to be most appealing being a tech guy, I am a computer programmer by trade. Is there a certain criteria of indicators you use? Do you weight them? Thanks.

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    • Oh, by the way, Barchart also gives the current price of $.59, support at $.28, the pivot point at $.52, and resistance at $.76.

      Sounds good to me. I imagine that on Monday HUSA will try to break the resistance at $.79, but who knows. Actually, it could go either way, depending on whether or not we get a press release, and on how much interest and excitement was ginned up in the investment community as a result of today's trading action. A gain of over 50% probably got the attention of quite a few folks.

      No doubt the scrutiny will continue on Monday, along with some probable short covering.

      I've had it now. Too much fun for one day. Lights out. Have a good one.


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