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  • jmjmsmith jmjmsmith Jan 11, 2004 9:46 PM Flag

    Management Problems at OMX???

    I'm an avid investor and I've successfully used these boards for years. In fact a few years ago I almost bought BCC stock, but instead went with USTR. Either way both stocks have faired well. I became interested in BCC stock because of the service they provided my company over the years and I believed BCC was well run. I've also followed Warren Buffet's rule concerning investing in what you know. And i thought i knew OMX until today.

    Last Wednesday or perhaps Tuesday while shopping at OMX's Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania location, I grabbed their ad and thumbed through. I found an item that was a steal for $9.99 after rebate, so I decided to grab one off the shelves. I went to the correct aisle but couldn't find the item. So I sought help to no avail. Finally I found the gentleman who was the store manager and asked for a rain check. He explained that there will be no rain checks for this item and I should have been at the store on Sunday morning if I wanted to purchase that item. He also explained that he didn't do the ordering, had no control over what was sent and was frankly unapologetic and rude. So I made my purchase and headed home.
    This morning I read the Sunday paper and located a few items I wanted at OMX so i decided make another trip to OMX. I arrived at 10:45 and the parking lot appeared as if the store was open so I headed to the door. But the door was Locked as the cars belonged to the employees who happened to take the best parking spots. So I went back to my car and waited. In 10 minutes a small crowd formed so I joined them. The doors opened promptly at 11:00 and i proceeded to the aisle where my items would have been displayed. They were not in stock and I sought help. The agent at first was quite helpful and we visited numerous end-caps before we both concluded the company hadn't stocked the item for the sale. So I asked to speak to the manager. The employee contacted the manager and described me with a few choice words, and the same manager arrived a few moments later. I asked him if he remembered me and if he recalled our conversation of the previous week. He did, and i told him I was here on a Sunday as suggested, but the items were not in stock as he promised. It only goes down hill from here. Another customer with a similar problem chimed in and we both asked for a rain check. The manager denied our request. We then asked for a substitution of a similar item. In a very rude an unapologetic tone we were told no. I told the manager at this point that this stinks of bait and switch and appears to be false advertising. At that point he walked away and both the other customer and I were both shocked by the poor behavior of this OMX manager. At this point I decided to take my complaint to a higher authority. The manager was entering a totally disheveled storage room as I asked him the name of the regional manager. He yelled at me and slammed the door in my face. I left the store, ordered the goods at and decided to write a letter to the PA Attorney General's office and the Federal Trade Commission. If the company wants to discuss this issue with me they can find my online order information at order number 093954225. Perhaps there was just an oversight with the out-of-stock issue, but the poor treatment of an excellent customer is inexcusable. Before buying any stock in this company I suggest the prudent investor do his DD on this one keep in mind my personal experience. Regards and Happy Investing. JM

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    • considering this location is a territory office, it's surprising. items that are free after rebate are limited to stock on hand; but an item that is $9.99 after rebate, there is usually some solution, whether it be a sub or direct order through the ordering system. sounds like poor preparation by store mgt. bizarre attitudes are unexplainable.

      from my experience, high profile rebate items generally have "decent (subject to interpretation)" stock, buyers intent is to avoid scenario you encountered.

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      • "from my experience, high profile rebate items generally have "decent (subject to interpretation)" stock, buyers intent is to avoid scenario you encountered."

        After working at OMX for about 15 months (no longer there to see any possible improvements) I can telly you that many times the high profile rebate items were generally limited from 5 to 15 to last an entire week.

        For example, those $20 80 gig HDs had only 15 shipped to one store. My dad along with a crowd of ppl were lined up before the store opened to get the deal and the 15 ppl that made the biggest fuss got the HDs. My dad not wanting to cause a seen was later told the entire weeks supply had been sold out and there was nothing he could do about it. Also because I'm no longer an employee there was no way for me to set one aside for him to purchase.

        "Decent amount of stock" is deffinately up for interpretation. I sometimes wonder if these ppl the determine quantity know about supply and demand.


    • Good for you. It sounds like you have more to offer the world than OMX could appreciate. Keep your head down while on active duty. It would be a shame to lose all that learning.

    • Thank you for serving our country!

    • I stand corrected. Good luck in your deployment if you have to go.... Keep safe..

    • Outstanding! Good luck.

    • Jayman,

      That was me. OMX fired me after I returned from active duty after 9/11.

      I was very angry with the company, but not surprised. The company was losing money at the time and was under marching orders to cut costs. The DM (not Rick) invented a reason to fire me.

      So I collected unemployment (OMX fought it and lost - since OMX couldn't show what policy I broke) and doubled up my class load at Akron U and earned an MBA.

      I now live in Wyoming, working on a PhD (but going to take a break - my Guard unit is being deployed in February) and couldn't be happier.


    • That sounds like Rick :-)


    • you do, think that was akron something, but i remember him i was corp, and was not fired per se...after merger announcement my position and title were eliminated....there has been no replacement, my duties are now being done in chicago and some have been was not an ugly goodbye, bad timimg for me, but it happens

    • not surprised, omx was so top down driven, it was a rare case indeed when someone actually pointed out a problem and fixed it, usually it was ingore, cya, and hope it went away or blame someone else who didnt work there anymore....

    • By the way dole, you sure have changed your tune lately... All this coming from a guy who was very angry about the company, firing him for serving in the Gulf War... Maybe you are interested in getting your job back with omx... Then again, maybe I have you confused with someone else... Maybe.... Maybe not...

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