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  • kd3689 kd3689 Jan 15, 2005 2:12 PM Flag

    A Funny Thing...


    The owners of the company (shareholders) hire the management to work on their behalf to run the company.
    Now management has screwed up and the vultures (lawyers) have sued on behalf of the shareholders (owners) and expect to get compensation from the company for management's errors. So in the end, the owners (shareholders) must compensate the shareholders (owners). The only ones making any money are the vultures (laywers).
    What a great system.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • try the ignore button, unless you just enjoy the amusement, or pain, whatever it is

    • Spinoff:
      Look at posts #2283, 84 and 85. You called it! You mention Wisemandose and there's an instant response. He can't let a second go by without telling us how smart and rich he is.'s a totally automatic reflex action.
      What he writes, of course, is beyond preposterous and completely inconsistent. I don't believe it for one second and have no idea of whom he thinks he trying to impress. And while I admit that it is amusing to watch, I really do feel sorry for the guy because it looks like he actually believes what he says about himself.

    • buffmung,

      You really aren't the sharpest tack in the box are you?

      What exactly do you not understand?

      I am not pulling in Warren Buffett or Bill Gates or mrspinoff type money - but I live very very comfortably. I don't trade heavy because I focus on what I believe to be relatively higher payoff trades, whether long or short. This doesn't always work out of course, but we can't all be experts like mrspinoff.

      woof woof,


    • "He responds right on time and right on cue every single time and that is really quite amazing as well as amusing."

      woof woof!! LMAO!!!

      You and mrspinoff are made for each other. Perhaps you two can hook up and he can let you in on a few other stocks that he plans to buy high and sell low. I really think you two have a wonderful future ahead of you. You guys have a kind of dumb and dumber thing going on.

      Best of luck with OMX,

      bow wow,


    • woof woof!!


      I see mommy and daddy let you have a little computer time. You must have been a good boy in school today.

      You can spin things all you want good buddy, but your posts exist for all to see.

      By the way, you keep saying "so long" and then showing up again. You do know that with your credibility shot, you don't have much of a future here.

      Here's hoping you have a profitable 2005,


    • get your short stick ready, at 30 let me know, I'll count em down with you.

      Best wishes

    • <My focus regarding stocks is relatively narrow, and I am not a heavy trader>

      How does this square with your claim that you make your living from buying and selling stocks? (refer to post 2249)

    • You're welcome.
      What's your opinion on how things are going in Iraq?
      the press is mostly negative here, but reports I hear from families is mostly positive.

    • I thought I saw some old patterns there. I'm ex-military intelligence (what an oxymoron) and saw some of the same tactics we were trained in for interviewing sources. Your dialogue with wisemandose was a bit annoying and you certainly went on for far too long. When you had had your fun, why didn't you just let the poor guy go? But, on the other hand, you're right. He responds right on time and right on cue every single time and that is really quite amazing as well as amusing.

      Thanks for your insght on operating margins. I'm not feeling real comfortable about staying short and will most likely close out for a quick profit tommorrow.

    • One other the same at SPLS and ODP, that way you can have an objective decision base.

      Thanks for the prayers :-)


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