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  • teebird3092 teebird3092 Nov 15, 2005 12:10 PM Flag

    Share Price OMX & Depot

    Today's Chicago Tribune business section shows both Depot & Max trading for $28.01 per share. Reading further, the YTD change is +61.3% &
    -10.7% respectively. I'd say OMX is the acronym for a DOG: Dump Officemax Garbage! Replacing stellar contract performers like Milliken, Goudge, Massel & Flewellen with retail idiots like Yosemite Sam, the marketing wonk and Voytilla the Loss Prevention/CSO moron,won't be growing the business any time soon, IMHO.

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    • While I'll agree that contract always performed well, I'm not sure about who you are crediting. Goudge is a good guy that did a good job. Milliken was a good guy at one time, but really did a 180 once the deal was set in motion. Massel was the smartest guy I knew that couldn't find his a$$ with both hands. He shredded IT from a performance and a morale perspective. His ineptness and innovation-sucking procedures pretty much brought the department to a standstill. Besides not waiting an additional year to buy OMX, Milliken's biggest failure was putting Massel in charge of IT.