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  • zeproolsk zeproolsk Dec 9, 2005 12:12 PM Flag

    What about OMX price?

    Does anyone want to discuss OMX value? Why is it so overpriced relative to its group? Who is supporting it and why?

    If this board is any indication of this company, what a dysfunctional company it is. "Hey, I make a gazilliion a year selling pencils, and if you don't you must SUCK." WHATEVER.

    OMX imho is a stuck pig. Too much debt, incompetent management, no marketing or advertising. How they've gotten this far is anyone's guess.

    SPLS doesn't need to buy them, they can just be better at order fulfillment and take their customers when the customer is (inevitably) pissed off. So forget buyout. The only solution imho: cut the dividend, cut mgmt wasterels, close stores, concentrate on core competencies.

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    • Depot market Cap is 9.5 Billion. FACT

    • Depot is much larger than $9 billion dollar company

    • I guess I should have stated my opinion differently. Ataking accounts away from Depot is not a big deal. Did not mean to indicated OMX would ever take over Depot as a company. As for size of business. Money in the bank does not relate to sales.

    • I see you are still smoking the C.M. propaganda. Depot is nothing great, but they are a 9 Billion dollar company with 2005 EARNINGS of over 150 Million. OMX is a 1.9 Billion dollar company with NEGATIVE Earnings of 30 Million in 2005. (To over take Depot OMX stock would have to go to at least $120 a share.) And over taking ODP on sales with zero or negative margins means NOTHING. Worry about trying to survive and actually make money before you worry about over taking Depot. A 9 Billion dollar company doesn't just go away. OMX is a distant 3rd, AKA the old Kmart next to the Walmarts and Targets.

    • As someone below middle management I could basically care less about management and company officers. If I am happy, making good money and have decent healthcare I do not care if they make their millions. The company under Harrad had a much better vision for the future. We had tuition reimbursement, EVA programs and morale for the most part was good. Now we have no vision and no direction. Problem with me is I am stuck. Too much invested to move on at this point. I can say that overtaking Depot should not be that difficult. Staples may be another question. As previously mentioned the biggest problem is managements arrogance and lack of support for the line workers. Very seldom are we told "good job".

    • things have to change in order to have a better quarter. Has anything changed in the last Quarter?

    • As to 4Q results, ask yourself this question, how many Xmas presents did you buy there? If not many, then you probably have your answer on how 4Q is panning out. How different are you then any other consumer?

    • Been treading down for sometime. Not sure where the support will come from this time, unless 4th Q earnings surprise(?) Anyone heard how 4Q is shaping up?

    • Personnally I don't believe you'll see the changes needed. The culture in the organization is to far gone. The old BCOP culture feels trampled as does the OMX. There is no vision within the organization. And worst still the Board of Directors who lead this show is simply a hold over from the old Boise days. They made this mess and in all honesty Woods, Ticknor , Crumley etc are not going to fix it. They simply have been following this script for to long. Harrad and Milliken always wanted the bricks and mortar to go with the BCOP, well now they have it but they never had a plan or vision of how they could compete. it's time to either clear the Board or sell it off if you are a shareholder.

    • I can not agree with you all more. OMX needs to wake up in a hurry. Take it for what it is worth, there actually can be upside to OMX. The VP's and especially the sales management is a freaking joke. Not all, but the attitude of "I put my 8 hours of work in" needs to be weeded out of this company. One of the criminal acts going on is the purchasing dept lack of urgency. Too many VP's have a lack of urgency in that company, I have dealt with several and still do. Clean some house and bring some people in that give a damn. If not, Staples is going to keep running over OMX. It is almost too frustrating to even write

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