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  • thatguyisahomer thatguyisahomer Feb 28, 2006 11:39 PM Flag

    to OP Exp

    SVP of one of the companies???? why would you post once a day and twice on a sunday....

    your recent posts:

    10:44pm. Feb 28
    12:40am , feb 28
    11:29pm, feb27
    10:52pm feb 26
    12:06 pm, feb 26
    08:12 pm, feb 24
    12:50 am, feb 23

    Go get a life, actually do some work. I close major deals.... sure, the only thing you have closed is your browser after posting garbage on these boards.

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    • tracking my activity between closing "major deals"? you are funny.

      while i am not on the front line closing major deals, i oversee a rather large sales force and a couple hundred million dollars ...hope you don't ever interview with me based on your comments.

    • are you stalking me? lol

    • Have you ever checked out the other boards for his major 4? This fruitcake is all over the place.

      Ahh, now I get it. I can't believe I've been so theory wasn't close to "golden" until now. How did I miss it?

      OK. Here goes. He's senior mmgt at one of the big 4. A SVP from what he claims. Depending on what company that is, it's probably Strategic, Senior, or Sucks the VP's.....Probably checking the boards while on some conference call listening to some other dipshit talk about some policy and procedure that that they are going to implement. But first it's got to go to a committee, then through the ISO process, then signed off by a senior manager, then put in a powerpoint presentation. By the time they finally go to implement it, it's been scrapped for another. I always saw it as meetings to have meetings to justify all the levels of mgmt. Makes 'em feel important because they like to hear themselves talk. Kinda like this 20 year vet that likes to call himself the 'expert'.

      And during this time, the competition is out stealing his account. Because I know he's not out servicing it!! You can buy all the major accounts and close major deals, but you still have to service them. Sooner or later, the bullshit will catch up to you.

      Just goes to show, don't believe anything on these boards. But do check it out if you want a good laugh every once in awhile.

      Surf's up dude.

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      • for someone who's giving advice on these boards, you sure are getting pretty emotionally charged! you crack me up.

        by the way, my sales team is fanatically taking care of our customers and have the best account retention rate in the company and overall industry.

        we are not only adding business every day, we are servicing like no one can. i have the best team in the country ...full of veterans and a few new ones that we are mentoring.

        >>Surf's up dude<<

        the above says a lot about who i'm talking to!