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  • rctcjcec rctcjcec Jul 18, 2007 8:43 AM Flag


    Any shot that Private Eq or a competitor makes a bid soon?

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    • Huge wins at what margins?
      I think its great that we have had some huge wins, but we also have some huge losses. Do they balance out? I don't know. We won't know until results come in. I do know that reps don't get paid for the losses that affect their pay and their quota. Numbers numbers numbers.

      That huge health care account that was "lost" - what was the margin on that again????

    • Apparently you have been scanning your head in the copier and are blinded by the light. You have everything right in your post with one exception. Office Max is NOT loved by their customers. There a ton of customers that have left because of all the service issues and pricing discrepencies recently.
      The problems are much, much deeper than a fearless leader with proper knowledge and vision. Much, much deeper my friend.

    • i heard they got fired for price issues from one of the major healthcare groups. It was one of omx's top accounts.

    • What was the name of the health care account that was lost?

    • When I started working there we paid 3-4 times minimum wage and got good quality people who cared about what they did. Now we pay just over minimum and get garbage employees who stay for a year, a month, maybe don't even make it through the first day. But luckily, if you DO happen to be a crappy employee and don't mind crappy pay, you'll never get fired. Need to call in sick all you want? Don't worry about accuracy? Don't really care too much for customers? OMX is the place for you! Guaranteeeeed employment for life. We got one guy that's called in sick like 20 times this year and not so much as a warning. Way to go hiring and retaining good workers. Welcome to the retail world.

    • I've been out of the company for a while now, so I don't have even the small amount of hard information that I used to have, but even so I feel confident in speculating that one key reason (possibly among many) for the ongoing layoffs is to continue to attrite older, more experienced, more expensive employees and replace them with younger, less experienced, cheaper employees. This was an official policy at one point while I was there, and I can't imagine that it's changed.

      It worked in my case. I found another job, and I'm only too glad to be gone.

      As far as losing key accounts, there was always a lot of key account churn during my time there. Big accounts came and went. It always hurts to lose a big account, but the reality is that a lot of the big accounts keep changing their suppliers every three or four years because that's just a way to negotiate/extort lower prices.

    • No, they are doing layoffs to trim costs and make the company more attractive to a potential buyer. Companies this big don't start making cuts of this magnitude just because of a lost healthcare account.

      Although it might have something to do with all the combined lost accounts the past year due to poor service?

    • why is nobody bringing up the huge lost healthcare account that just happened? is that why they are doing layoffs?

    • Keep bragging!!! Want me to bring you a rubber band ball for old times sake??

      ROFL. Seriously. we miss you.. ;)

    • Left there after 18 years about 6 months ago. Doing tech support at a DC. Absolutely the best thing I ever did. Wasn't even looking for a new job and then found my dream job and never looked back. I really hated to leave and really liked all the folks I worked with. I liked Mr Rowsey too. Good speaker.

      So here's how I buy Office Products now... I WALK one block down to our small town OP/Stationary/Copy store, hand the OWNER my hand written note of what I need and the next day he walks it up TO MY OFFICE and delivers it to my desk and then brings the hand written bill down to our finance folks.

      Np PIN number, online ordering, private label, backorders, WIN's, sales people, logging in, minimum order charge, lost deliveries, drivers, customer service centers, etc. Dealing with that local company is absolutely the best OP experience in the world.

      I do remember when BCOP was almost like that. I guess until they get Sam to start doing desktop delivery, I'll have to keep buying local.

      There are a lot of good folks at OfficeMax though. I fear there's still going to be another massive wave of cuts though. OMX net income is $168M with 25,000 FT Employees. Depot is $542M with 26,000. Do the math. Each full time OMX employee generates 1/3 of the income of a Depot equivelant.

      But I hope you all do good. It really was pretty good times working there.

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