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  • elfedout07 elfedout07 Dec 11, 2007 9:07 PM Flag

    Elfed Out

    If I get this damn e-mail one more time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Does this help sell office supplies and get people to buy online or stop at the store? Or does is just give the management a reason for their Christmas bonus after a bad year?
    "Hey, I have an idea. If we can be the hottest holiday website again, that will be great exposure for Office Max. Let's ride this into 2008! Bonus for all top executives!" they sip egg nog and fade from the reality that they just had a horrible year! Just horrible.
    I'd like to see a report on how many employees jumped ship at OMX in 2007. It has to be staggering. (By the way, most of the time when I click to open these elf e-mails, nothing comes up anyways. These guys can't do much of anything right, can they!)

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    • I really wonder how many good OfficeMax folks are force out. Your comments about old-timers can someday be you.

    • OMX Headlines. Elf e-mail has reached 75M people, can it reach 100M before Christmas? With idiots like the maxxedoutstud playing on the site all day it just might happen!

      If only the incompetent management team at OMX could be this successful with office supplies! The real headlines should read OMX stock hits 52 week low...the company is doomed.

      Happy Holidays. (especially to you Stud since you have absolutely nothing to do with OMX beside posting stupidity on their finance message board. Why, we have no idea!)

    • I have just one last question before I ignore you completely ...why would I look in the mirror when I have absolutely nothing to do with OfficeMax?

      I guess I have another question ...who is Opguy08? You are obviously a little wigged out and maybe a little paranoid? I think there's medication that will clear that up.


    • Whatever. The problems were way above me and out of my control. Management decided to turn a deaf ear to it all and has all the answers, so they have made the bed they sleep in and have caused most of the problems with their greed and lies. It's office supplies, not really that hard pal. You seem like OMX management material, maybe you outta ask the Opguy08 for a promotion. Between the two of you idiots, surely you can help management turn this mess around. Good Luck, you'll need it! Happy Holidays. I'm Elfed out and bored wasting my time with you morons. (and people wonder what's the problem with OMX....look in the mirror!)

    • So, what are you going to do about ALL the OMX problems? I assume you have solutions, or you wouldn't be flapping your jaw.

      Please, offer some solutions rather than whining. I'm really tired of all the whining broken records.

      By the way, you have a few grammar and spelling issues of your own so make sure you remove the log out of your eye before reaching out to remove my speck.

    • And you bring what insight and knowledge to the board stud? Spelling and woman CEO issues? Coming from you, that has a lot of credibility. Yes, it was a good post as it addressed many of the underlying problems facing OMX. You call it a broken record? Maybe it is since the same problems have been killing OMX for the past few years. The sad thing is management does nothing but watch people hit the door and think they can be replaced with unexperienced sales reps and others with no industry experience. The proof is in the pudding and that is why OMX is losing accounts left and right and having trouble servicing their customers. Wake up Pud.

    • "Great post omxsux" ...??

      All these posts are like broken records.

      If you still work at OMX, look for something new. If you don't work at OMX, why are you still talking about them? Start a new life and don't look back if it was so bad.

    • And management wonders why everyone is quitting and the ones still there have bad attitudes. Great post omxsux.

      OpGuy08 to the rescue. "Weed out" the bad ones, huh? All starts at the top, unfortunately it usually works backwards in the big corporations. The good people leave and the dumb ones that are the root of these problems in the first place still remain.

    • People have to understand the culture which has been created at OFFICEMAX. Senior management comes up plans which in theory are fine and well intentioned but in practice do not work. The best way to look at it is they want to walk before they crawl. Furter, the company promotes "YES-men and women" to run the field retail operations which means there is little to no push back or creativity which is not helping results it is actually hurting them. For example ... OMX has been pushing a more narrowed focus on sales and operations by taking all of the sales and operations expectations repackaging them into a narrow focus and saying see we eliminated all of this work for you now go execute. The field sees right through that understands the work load has not changed (increased if anything) and all you have done is changed the name of things and attempted to trick us. Then they tell the field due to your lack of execution you have no creditability with the corp. office. Further, we do not care what you think or if you buy into our direction just do it. All of this and no one has bothered to think there might be an issue of trust going on. Why would anyone dedicate themselves and become passionate about leadership they do not trust?

      The company does not hold anyone accountable to turn over because it is out of control ... it is not a healthy environment. The company is headed for tough times which will be compounded by the current economic environment in the short run which will cause more pressure to be put on the field from corp and will continue if not increase the exodus of talent from this company.

    • Can I recommend the "2 wrongs don't make a right" model? I believe it would work well with you. Why jump in the mud/slop with someone? Take the high road and leave the harrassing to others.

      I'm going to practice what I preach and not jump in the slop with you, so lets just leave it at that and I will expect your harrassing to cease.

      Best regards, OMX Stud

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