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  • dymolabels dymolabels May 15, 2009 8:09 AM Flag

    OMX upgraded 3x

    You expect to be taken seriously when you say that ALL the experts are drunk or someone PAID them to lie about the financial outlook.
    Perhaps you are either drunk or were paid or were paid and then got drunk for this idiotic post.

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    • I'll give you my explanation. You're right when you think my comments are due to a personal grudge. But I would shop at Office Max before going to Office Depot. On the financial statements on the left side, the Net Income is listed as a negative 1.7 billion for the quarter. Net Assets are listed as about 208 million dollars. Keep in mind that the assets are probably overstated as these stores generally sell off a lot of their inventory for less than the purchased price. I have other reasons, but these are the main ones. So yes, I think these experts must have been paid off or drunk. Just like the news today on Yahoo that consumer sentiment is up.