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  • charliekent Jun 15, 2011 9:41 AM Flag

    How to spot a POS

    First thing to id a POS stock.

    1) Look at the chart, don't listen to analysts. If it looks like a fantastic tobagan hill sliding down for a year. It's a POS.

    2) Earnings are closer to the corner store or the local barber shop instead of a multinational billion dollar company. it's a POS

    3) If there is even a whispher, hint or fart of messing around with the fiscal and other practices involving cooking books, it's a POS.

    4) The stock is tied to retail in a universe where it's all 40% less at walmart or online somewhere. It's a POS.

    5) It doesn't issue dividends, not only is it a POS it's really just throwing money down a big hole.

    I wouldn't short this stock or buy it, if anyone has a lick of sense cheerleader or bear, avoid this dump of a company. Fundementals aren't there, technicals scream bleeding to death and we are heading into one fo the deepest recessions probably followed by the bloodiest revolution the US has ever seen in 200 years.

    Go long canned goods and shotguns

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    • So, if you wouldn't short it or buy it, you're a total idiot with WAY too much time on his hands. Do you just flip from stock to stock posting utter drivel just for the fun of it? No interest in the stock, then you are of no interest to anyone anyway.

      Get a job.