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  • one_dogydog one_dogydog Jul 6, 2011 4:20 PM Flag


    Why did OMX go down %7 on Monday and today also on red %2 with

    No news .

    Why ? does someone know somthing that we the puplic don,t know??

    Since they announce trhat the confrence call for the 2ns QT. will

    Be on Augst2nd and the stock is declining now Does somone leak

    any thing about the earning or what why would it lose %9 in tow

    days for nothing ???????

    Is it insider trading case or what????????????????????? F.U.C.K That

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    • If you actually like the stock, and have any belief that the company is going to do better going into the new school year and Christmas/holiday season (as I do), you will look upon any pullbacks as an opportunity to stock up on more (love my pun?). I'm actually hoping for 5.11 a share before the seasonal ramp-up, as that is my next purchase level.